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Running the Library Demonstration Software:

  1. Get Java
    • If you want to code? : Install Java Development Kit (Version 9 or Higher) : Oracle JDK

    • If you want to just run?? : Google and install and test your version against your JRE. My code requires Java 9+. I recommend MINIMUM Java Version: java --version >= 17.

  2. Download Documentation.jar -- Under construction. You will need to download the latest version -- Last updated: July 10, 2024.
  3. If you need them, Download the jars -- Place in <project-claspath>/jars/.
  4. Use WinRar to view Documentation.jar, starting with, ca.tecreations.apps.documentation.Documentation, and then, look into any.Executable.

Double-Click Documentation.jar to run Documentation application.


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Ok. I'll Snapshot when it works.

ViewFile -- Under Construction


Warning: This software is provided with no warranty, guarantees, or acceptance of liability for its' fitness or merchantability.

There are simply too many variables to operate that way. Having said that, tecreations will attempt to support any issues.

Additionally, note that the Documentaion.jar will be modified, so if you need to depend on software within, please rename it to something memorable and immutable, for yourself, so that you can always download the newest version and track the progress that way, if desired. With Chrome and Windows, duplicates are already id'd by the next integer instance. Linux/Mac/Solaris may vary.

Finally, keep checking back to watch the progress on the Documentation app. Comment if you want. Thanks!

3On Windows, if it opens a Command Prompt and immediately exits: To run once only, right click the jar, select "Open With..." and then select "Java(™) Platform SE binary". To set the default open operation permanently, right click the jar, select "Open With..." --> "Choose Another App...", check "Always Open With..." and select "Java(™) Platform SE binary". It should then work.2024-07-01
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