Yes, I do. The Scriptures, from before birth.









Sure, and can you provide a scriptural reference? No? So you are of the world.

You could say things like, ..., "He doesn't derive payment, so why should he publish? The labourer is worthy of his hire."




Sure. Under a conservative government, I learned a multiple of trades, enough to maybe apply to Mike Holmes, Brian Balmer, Or the Scott Brothers.


Sure. I have debt. Who doesn't?


Uh, the labourer is worthy of his hire. I currently Do :::: Software::: java/c/HomogenousPlatform:::ForWork.

In Alberta, the prefer flips, over, WFH.


no, just tim.






Sure, like, working with an Eternal God.

Make this, make that. Make Sense of It.






Yes, I want some people tackling the cyber area for me.

I might. I might want to listen in.

Sure, I could invite people. I'd rather not unless they expressed interest, but I will.

Sure, like I should listen to you? Hello? They provide food, clothing, blankets, and a tent, but oh, no!, tear them down?

Humanity has recorded it.



Build. Test.

Grow. Innovate. Customize. Prefer. Organize. Collective. ExtraHumanity.







Cover over and eliminate. Destroy.


Yes, just, everytime. everyone. Everything. Like? Maybe get tim?



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