Yeah, you know? I gotta go.

Mar 1, 9024

Did he publish?


POST9024 : Tim

Mar 3, 2024


Mar 3, 2024


Mar 3, 2024


Mar 3, 2024


Mar 2, 2024

Spray all that shit down. Get the dust out of the air, for climate, your breathing, and ultimately others, health.



So, for documentation, consider this sentence...

callerFQCN.methodName: : Does not exist in [{JAR_NAME}.jar].

the [{JAR_NAME}.jar] refers to one identity. That's its' "type". And then we have it's value, contents and associated meta data.


I use tecreations `File`'s, as suggested for network transfer. I do POSIX and Windows and Questionable.

I try to do it everyday, but sometimes, I just can't. I think about what you're doing and I need to pray.

Most things work. But we're in a state of flux, moving to SystemTray access. It's so common to need to do these things.

Mar 1, 2024

Have to be at the vet's, with cat in carrier, at 1PM in Camrose.

Buddy's boosters. i don't want him getting sick. It's bad enough the dust makes him sneeze and I smoke.

I should smoke outside or quit.


Feb 29, 2024

It's true. I could, but don't. lowercase: tdv, Use that for a separator. To my knowledge, not used anywhere. You could.

We do. Year Of Birth. Month. Day. HHMMSS.tim.MMMNNN. People Like Tim.



We'd try a screen/av trial.


For the blind? A Braille Device?

Audio, unless specified, Silent.

Video, if ($#@inPlayer)...Controls...

Retribution for recording....



Uh, so do your project. Let's see: A) What is it? B) Where would it be useful? C) Who does it help and how?

It's true, I can't. Why can't the legs move and retract, or flip to become a rover? Have you not seen Boston Dynamics?

Sure, sure, they do the drone show. Ok.

Hi, Google AI, can you code and explain the procedure to produce a 3d, point drawn, representation of Earth within our 'respective' Solar System? Thank you!



All the scripture where the Lord speaks.

If you're allowed to scrape, and they do quotes for The Lord Speaking? The Lord Says: "...". 2ez

Sure, organized by year, version, publisher, List, revisions, addendum.

You're buying it. Stop that. -- Whether it is alcohol, tobacco, weed, or food. Whatever your addiction, you are spending money on it. Please don't do that.

I'm trying. I've set a budget and am reducing my tobacco intake. It hurts my lungs and God said, if I stop spending my money on sin, there will be enough food in my house and I worry I could do so much better.

Link... Please wait...


I got one drop action working and tested, but there was an issue with Deploy progressBar now painting in the Deploy TFrame also. I don't think I changed any of the relevant cose, as I was mostly going through File cleaning up the code to more accurately reflect the current situation with that class. I've tested the output for PUT_FILE and still have to test for GET_FILE, but I think the only changes would be to GET_FILE for the progress bar. In addition, I believe the only code I modified from previous versions was the inclusion of the calculation portion for the progress bar, and that has been tested fairly thoroughly.


Feb 28, 2024

Sure. I'll fight against russians.


Yes, an addition to... WinSCP. Network Worldwide. && Tim.

Please pay, so I may release.

Contacts? Hello?


Dude, like grow shit.


Your Size: InSpace

Targeting... Please Wait...

Will Update...

Oh, wow, like possibilities?

Oh, gee, like negative imaginator.

Yeah, like, hello#, peopleLike#, hello, #tim. Zero, None, All.

No, just like, Tim?

Someone, signs off. If he posts.

I'll take in:The Afghani women and girls.

Benghazi'ns. The myanmar refugees. The Uyghar's. The Syrian's. The Sudanese.

There is no tempation, except that which is common to man.Link, but God! provides a way out, that you might not fail.

We don't

Feb. 25, 9024

We don't

Feb. 29, 9024

It used to be free. Now it's $12505 for a 1 year license + derivatives at (equals) by 3rd Party estimation, per person, inclusive of all, excluding none. Please Define(

Welcome to GoogleAI, + RedditContent, plus all these people.

No thanks.

I'd rather just do my private work. 24/7/365+1

Huh? Huh? Got a star date, yet? Punk!?

Oh, yeah, you tim?, Hey!"?

We don't


You can't buy it.

We don't

Feb. 25, 2024

Sorry everyone, I'm with the Hollywood people on this one. People should be paid for what they do.

The labourer is worthy of his hire. Go ahead. google it all. Sort. Classify, et cetera.

it's true. I trust God.


   tim :

Potential loss of data, income, health and potential of becoming addicted to computing, certain and uncertain possibilities.


We don't





Yes, Tim.

Someone. Somewhere. I trust his code.

Show me what you're doing, I'll show you how you can do it better. Faster.


Hot::'With increased accuracy.'

Feb. 27, 2024


Yes. We only. 1995-2024 filenames. We wrap or unwrap, as need be.

Yes. We everyone. -- everywhichway.



For Solaris/MacOS? You may..., do contact, to confirm. Or suspect?




new ...


shutdown($?=Platform.getByName("Runtime.Agent"?)) : Yes, timx, stu-,mike-, ursula-, mom:DECEASED, dad-.


Platform.Restart(new Platform.die("NOW"), ca.tecreations.misc.Time.ThreeMinutes);


ODDS of what?

No. None. All. Sum. Prod. And Product. == sumnum. Print.




I suppose. Everyone would be against me.

You're all so kind. Bless you|u!


Feb. 26, 2024




In the meantime,


All that, and now, they're gonna id, everyone. Tim: ',)]}...; better get in line for the fascists, and everyone else'.



lolz, no, we do a 'CodeBlock'? It's formatted. Rule specific and upon input, does variable things. It's a component.




Sorry, it's like, Tim's Toy?


Yes, we global events. Me and my computers.

We do. Secure Global Communications.

We do. Full Stack Platform Engineering.

We do. 24/36[5|6] Uptime.

Secure Data





Then you need to... "Instruction", or something. Course, pays so much. Entry in TIMS::Computing::PickATopic == $6700

And then I'd say., but, if trade could bergeon? For them. I should be the last in the line of byproducts.



Is that it? Technical debt?

You need to. Everywhere. All the time.

I do, why can't you?


&& I'm probably the lowest of all the low, but somehow, you can't, all these other people? Ok. Sorry, I gotta go.


Feb. 25, 2024

Feb. 23, 2024

Today I am continuing with the ProgressTest. The ProgressEvent code is working and now the painting is too, although not via repaint(). I have some debugging to do to get that working correctly and then I can return to Drag and Drop.


Feb. 21, 2024

Sure, I'll work.

What is it? Who is it for? What does it pay?


I'd rather be writing code. -- Just so you know. Nevertheless(but), I'll do that, ... , for you.



&& tim &&


Thank you.

No ads. Ever. Community supported. $1/lifetime. Support = $10/month/user. Available 'til death.

 lol, here I am, come get me.

Many improvements.

Yes, I guess ProgressBar should be first in the list. It now works as a test case in ProgressBar, ProgressBarDialog, ProgressBarTest? and Deploy. I haven't yet tested it in FilesTool for DragAndDrop, just seeing if it works correctly whenever called. So far, ? yes! It works.

Construction Skilled Labour?

I guess there are homes and a shop available, for say, maybe millwrights? Welders are available.



I was asked to do a 6x6 inch and 2 foot by 1 foot patch, an hours drive away, each way.

Pay? Fuck all and you supply gas.

Oh. Ok. Thank you.

I'd rather do anything else. [{(yeah, of course, I'll go without, I do anyway, it's my preference)}]


Can't you get someone local? Ok, well pass on my number to your landlord. Thanks! Bye.


Feb. 19, 2024

Current WIP

Today, I've been re-integrating the 2d graphics classes. I want a visio-style object interface where I can add, remove and modify objects on the fly, however, I'd also like it to be serialized, so that I can make a workspace that has control over multiples of types of objects.

Last night I did a bit on integrating the ProgressBar class into the FilesTool. I still need to tack the WinSCP-style progress dialog, where it keeps track of the elements processed, as well as the progress on the specific unit. Again, I'm thinking a bit different on that also, I think it should keep track of the job process, the current item in the job and the current item being operated on.

It's slow because it's at such a root level for so many of these things to work. I try to do it carefully.

Feb 18, 2024

I shortcut.


Feb 18, 2024

I shortcut.


Feb 18, 2024

I shortcut.


Feb 18, 2024

I shortcut.


Feb 18, 2024

I shortcut.


Feb 18, 2024

I shortcut.



Feb 17, 2024

Today I'm looking at removing some output from the PKIClient.

This bothers me:

PrintWriter out = ...
if (out.checkError()) System.out.println("...");

I'd much rather have it correct the error if it can, reset and retry, or whatever needs to be done so that that output isn't there anymore. Everything works so far, so I'm fairly confident about the quality of the code as far as reliability is concerned, as for design quality, I'm not sure. There may be ways to improve it. I would guess probably.



Feb 15, 2024

I shortcut.


new Tim();

Made new each morning. Waiting on God. Jesus Christ. Have the Holy Spirit.

I can't wait!!!! Coding for God!!!. And they don't compete. Just work.

Sure., let's block it off.

Sure, so you're going to attack the world? I dig it.

I'd look to help, but u do u.

Like. Tim. Time. Timex. Solar. Universal.

People for like 'People Like Tim'.





Should that be in red?

You haven't.

Like. Tim.

I do. All people. All at once. Now. Support via: .

Are you committing crime? Y/N/M/IDK/tim.






LikeTim. Everywhere.



Yup, like Tim.


Feb 14, 2024

For lovebirds.

God bless you all! Wishing you a wonderful day.


Feb 13, 2024


Like logrotate-style

do yo, yeah!


They Say. For this. Tim must pay. And I do.

Like this.

Sure, sure, Authors, Interns, Associates. People like....<List<String>>

No. Mine should work. Convey me to.

Period. Done. Tim.


Ai? Like, "Invent", "Innovate", "Prosent a system by which everyone can do well within.",

Now "Provision It".


Security Stuff.

Operations Stuff.

Tim's Main Goal ? ? ? ? """"The Life of God""""


No, I wouldn't. Academia, Science, Scientology, Tim.


I'd like to know about Taiwan. Who are they? What do they do? How do they help?

I'd like to know about: Afghanistan and state of the women and girls. How I Might Help?

I'd listen to.... Discussions about: Politics,Sports,Health. Tech. So, Me.


How I might change to better help, like, everyone?




Feb 12, 2024

Yes. If they can make money off it, they will. Even if they have to steal.

Yes. Since the extortion is working, they will continue with that.

Yes. Yes, you have to make dealing in stolen goods, like, toxic??? All. Completely.

Yes. Yes, you have to make ,committing? MMIWG, toxic??? All. Completely.

Yes. Yes, you have to make ,supporting? People that have failed at one time or another, but no longer engage., toxic??? All. Completely.


Feb 12, 2024

It might be true.

In light of that, ... , If God wants you to change, and you won't?

What does that say?

I will. I will 'Obey'? WTFDTM? tim.

I will. I will. I do. Jesus. Not You. Sorry.


People like., ... , maybe Stu. , but probably not.

People like., ... , maybe Tim. , but probably not.

People like., ... , maybe Urs. , but probably not.

People like., ... , maybe Mike. , but probably not.

People like., ... , maybe Mom. , but probably not.

People like., ... , maybe Dad. , but probably not.

They could try. Uh, so how many can post?, yeah, like globally, nationally, provincially/statewide, and in the municipality?

Gee. Tim, and very few others.


Feb 11, 2024

Who is this? Are they safe?

Other than original code, my platform utilizes as much information from the underlying systems as possible.

If we can, we will write control code, to make it easier for you and yours.

We DO NOT PROVIDE A LICENSE. Licensure will be soon, I'm sure.

We DO NOT PROVIDE A WARRANTY. Dangerous operations may be done by our code, if left in your hands.


Use at your own risk. Please review the code before operating and then submit an appropriate, 'Usage Response' ticket.

Thank you! @U!


Feb 10, 2024

Today I'm having issues. The JavaCompiler starts with the SystemTray and I can close it, but I can't get a second reference to the JavaCompiler. The promlem stems from wanting the compiler to be affected by the SystemTray options, but still be operational if the SystemTray closes, which it would do to add a new program to the list. Maybe I should just get Launcher working and launch the JavaCompiler from the Launcher. It just seems like it should be working together, correctly.

Feb 9, 2024

I guess they might. "Canada is easy prey. Suckers."

I guess if that is who and what you support.

I guess if you are into harming kids.


What can I say?

I remember: almost being murdered at 4 years old for finding a wagon.

I remember: almost never a birthday party.

I rememvar: getting the belt and buckle for stealing.

I rememvar: I did a shit ton of bad, before I came to Christ.


I know. I don't do <any of> that anymore.



I don't know.

STEM-wise..., I like the code and the mathematics, because they are, PURE.

I'm not sure anything else can say that about themselves? Maybe Physics && Chemistry. But, even then.

I'd like to try the diffent tech. Like a test lab that they pay travel for to see what you might do?

Can you request setup?

Is there early release access for API's, -- ;;;


I'd want to bring my brothers and sista's throughout all generations. Stuart. Ursula. Mary Ellen. Tim. Kenzie. My Cousins. Edward. Grand parents: Mr & Mrs Lavally | Lavalie. Who they were. Why they matter.

Yeah, send.
















Sorry, you cut yourself off.


A day at HIS door is better than, A thousand days "at/on **Insert ANYWHERE**"


Still. @. MyGod., U.R., The Unchanging Love.


Feb 8, 2024

So I could try. , ... , if it is configured correctly, but most of the scammers come from India?

Like. , ... , you can't even stop scammers from coming in on the phone. And now it's like.

Radio Free Canada.

0 -- no I don't. Scammers Like Elon Musk. Donald Trump. The Ilk like Sam Bankman Fried and Elizabeth Holmes.

1 -- maybe. "Someone". "NotTim". Ok.



Even Now, You still can't.




I provide code at $1 USD/year/user.

I provide support of code at $1.99 USD/user. I allow email and website interaction

I provide support of platform at $1999 USD/user. Phone contact only.



I don't know. Do you need Oauth2 for account access. What do I provide?

I mean, I get the db and code and runtime and web and security, but what is it you actually need? Backup? Blockchain?


That:This:Next:Now:Child.Blesses.All.,and TimConfesses.:...,It's True. I'm Aweful.



Father God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit.






To try to get to the "Life of God". Thank you. Thank you for your provision. : Tim





Uh, the interaction between Peter and Paul, -- when Paul basically had to say, Peter, ... , sorry, you're a legalist.



Sure, we will.,...,record.




Sure. Family. Geneology.


Why It's Hard to Make Friends :: 2024

One good reason.

No. 2


Obescience. Thank you.

Can I get an 'Embed'? Thank you!

People like Tim.


you may.

Here's one: Dignity Freedom Network



Feb 6, 2024


Yeah, if you all bless each other, that'll work out pretty good. Would you like me to track?

They Should. Like, M[ostly:oistly]eta, Eveything. Tim. [Apple | Amazon].

They could. Like UPS, CanadaPost. CN/CP?BattleRiverRailroad. All Things.

We require human transport for work and stuff.

I gotta, like AEU, I'm on code draw. That's all done.

I am. I do. ProjectPath.




They want to work. They are willing to move.

Help them do that.


Feb 5, 2024


Sure. NOW.

It's true. I can...., celtic knot that shit. Some uncials. Vellum, paste for letters (g(j)esso?). Black, Red, Blue, Green. Gold. Silver. Bronze. Some fish, leaves, and berries. Reality. I dig it.

3DPrint, or, do in metal or wood?<?

Do invisible. In code. Only.

Tested. Verified. Peer Reviewed.

Sure, we do a rep. Here's what it looks like.


Sorry, I'm like 'Not Available'

Seven Activations



Feb 1, 2024

uhm, like, yeah, baby, yeah.,..., tim \: reality : everyhere : everytime..

Jan 31, 2024

Jan 30, 2024

Broke it yesterday.

Attempting to repair so I can continue development.


Sum to #All.






Dude, Like upper|lower



Your 'Economic Status'? ......,,,, ... , that's Abuse. Against Tim.

none && none : All to all!<p> // 00 yup: tim(....{?up>})


You'd have to code the isolators.

So something like




2:26 PM




Pay Nothing.

Sell. Operations? Support? : Yes.

How? Operators.

Are they worldwide? :: Yes.

Can they multi-platform? (Are they platform agnostic?) :: Yes, you can specify whatever you want. We take care of parameters that contain spaces and commas. Side effects of our programming specifies that 'some.thing' ==== new File(it). The code decides it should escalate to new();


I do.

Everything. Everywhere. All the time?, or no.

People Like Tim.




Jan 29, 2024

Jan 28, 2024

Starting earlier today. Will try to stay put.

Can I? Request a 'type'? One of ?

Let's try...







Mail Transfer Unit

..., items.

..., addresses.

..., contains.

..., ::: Registered. Respond by: yyyy/mm/dd Year/Month/Day.

..., Thank you.


Sorry, they're not calling to : 'hey, buddy, how ya doin?', me, so what. What? You? No. Noone.


All ways. All the time. Everywhere. Every one. All. Like that.




It's hard. : Being so,..., 'hasBean' | 'hasBeen'.



I don't know.


The best I can come up with? ..., Determine everyone. Worldwide. Determine a Global Poverty Line. Adjust.


Sure, Sure. Space Exploration. Let's See What's Out There.


Yes, of course. Solve the crime.




Jan 26, 2024

Oh, that's not good. Thank you, bless you, blessings. Like. Sorry to expose all the data.

Uhm, just like, get your software working.



Are you Edward? Of Bob and Tina?


If yes, : Tim. Of Gerry and Margot.

They won't. None Of None.


[ M, Private, Private]

[ P, H, Bank]

[ P, WW, C]


Hello! Welcome to Heisler! May I direct your path?

Uh, so, tim's eyes watch everywhere, but they are most focused on tech.

Hello! Welcome to Heisler! May I direct your path?


I'd say the butchers, to see their stock, how they've recovered from the crime.

The Hotel, grab a bite.

The various sites the municipality presents?

The grounds.

The opportunities.

The people and how they want to help.

The infrastructure we require to make it work.

Simple. Easy. Reliable.

We already have a Truck && Rail -- Stop. Now make it electric, too.

Short term -- temporary housing. Full Amenities. PricePerDay? <lolz, so I can estimate nationally, internationally, and locally.>


Seems like, availability is 100%.










Jan 26


From index.php

lol, they couldn't even start.


I would not want to.


World Says?

Tim does.

A concentration.

people, data, identity, poverty, alignment with certain principles.





Tim: Do you not see?

Enough. Waiting for the first seal to break. Can't wait for rapture. Can't wait for the start.

Uhm, like, tim.

Lolz, you backend guys...

I try to serve God, and you. : Here's how.


I write software. I try to do the best I can because Jesus Christ.

I can...

Item Num Item Name I can guess? I can deduce? I can infer? I can make? I can learn? I'm a bot? I'm an AI? I'm Tim?
-1 tim Y Y Y Y Y N N Y


Yours will be like...


Item Num Item Name I can guess? I can deduce? I can infer? I can make? I can learn? I'm a bot? I'm an AI? I'm Tim?
0 yourname ? ? ? ? ? ? ? N
1 someoneElse ? ? ? ? ? ? ? N


Lolz. That's hilarious. I'm shit at front-end.

Lolz. That's hilarious. Like my brothers.

My sistas.

My Mom and Dad.




I'm sorry. You say, like, how?



Sort it out.



Yeah, like seriously, waiting on you.... 'The Life Of GOD' : Tim


Yeah, like seriously, waiting on you.... 'The Life Of JesusChrist' : Tim


Yeah, like, the Holy Spirit. : People like tim want to know.



Yeah, like seriously, waiting on you.... 'You' : Tim


Yeah, like seriously, waiting on you.... '?Someone?' : Tim



The Lives of The People of God.

The Lives of The People on Earth.

The Lives of The People on Mars.

The Lives of The People on TBD.







Uh, like paste into? Contents. Data. Stuff. People Like Tim.


Lolz, you backend guys...

I try to serve God, and you. : Here's how.


I write software. I try to do the best I can because Jesus Christ.

I can...

Item Num, yup fr, 666 too! Oh, aren't you lucky? No. Item Name I can guess? I can deduce? I can infer? I can make? I can learn? I'm a bot? I'm an AI? I'm Tim?
-1 tim Y Y Y Y Y N N Y

Lolz. That's hilarious. I'm shit at front-end.

Lolz. That's hilarious. Like my brothers.

My sistas.

My Mom and Dad.










Yeah, like seriously, waiting on you.... 'The Life Of GOD' : Tim


Yeah, like seriously, waiting on you.... 'The Life Of JesusChrist' : Tim


Yeah, like, the Holy Spirit. : People like tim want to know.



Yeah, like seriously, waiting on you.... 'You' : Tim


Yeah, like seriously, waiting on you.... '?Someone?' : Tim





Jan 20, 2024

I don't know.

I'd like to make an app that lets me download a video from one computer in my house to another, AND, I'd like to be able to program more functionality, whether in Java, C, C++, or PHP. I do the perl too, and of course, any database..

Maybe more, I'm not sure. I can't afford a RaspberryPI, or an Arduino. I'm on a fixed income.

Being on disability for schizo-affective disorder, let me tell you. It isn't easy.

Sure, I'd like to see your efforts.

Mine works, but I can't figure how to....

I need a more modern computer and "so they say"..., a "better vehicle".

I guess I'll have to quit smoking, and weed, and maybe booze, too. ... And move more.

Hello, are you tracking 'Canadian Health Care'?

Hello, are you tracking 'EV'\'s?

Hello, are you tracking at all?

No. Don't. Stop Killing. Stop Raping. Stop Thieving.

Sure. If you have no fear of God, go ahead and say whatever you'd like about anyone or anthing, anytime.

Turn to the Father, for Jesus Christ, for the Holy Spirit. Source:... all things work together for good ...


Jan. 18, 2024

The Golden Shimmering Fox




Jan. 17, 2024 : 5:27pm (local)


Sure, you could.,...,Canada, The Bastion of No Fault Insurance?

What about this guy?

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu

I mean, don't get me wrong. This is a serious "FUCKUP". Hmmm, let's see, why isn't this like Tim?

No, I submit the floor to you.

My mom and dad? My bro's and sista's?

Half, full, wtf?

Worldwide. Tim.


Uh, you're evil.




Jan. 15, 2024 : 6:38pm (local)








I am willing and helpful, where I can. I'm afflicted too. I'm BAD!



Ghost that mfer





On Average?

I think I can hold my own. Crypto. AI. LearnToProgram.

People like tim. People that can.

Arduino? RaspPI?. Let's go back. Can you wire a battery? It is the world of EV's. There's homes, offices, plants, shops, remote locations running on generators, maybe a shed for some. Do you understand how wiring works? Yes or no?


They only talk about software in airplanes within a context of proving it's correct. LTS?

There are only so many paths for code that can exist. The more you can reduce, the better off you are.


It's true. I do. I think that drops should be identified by the originator of the drop and thereby all their data for that.

I'm not sure. I've gotten some things to work.

It's in 'flux'. It depends, on what you consider your 'base' code.

I modify, "a lot". There's lots that could be done.


I'm still testing. I like this. I'd like more money. How may I help?


It's hard. I'm uneducated and have to sort it out based on what's left behind.


I can say. There is not enough journalistic, scientific and academic access available to common people. You want to talk marginalized? Ostracized? Vulnerable? There's so much!


And tell me what you think about the state of the WORLD?


Current App-In-Progress:

It's true. The purple parts are relative to the type of system you have and their settings... Via Ctrl-Click::Column::Row, allows you to edit, via dialog box... alas,so many options.

Sure, so, to get this straight? You want something like that?

But you can't/won't code?

Sure, I no-code. I do passwordless, PKI, CustomCrypto. Like Random+Favoured. What ID do you have? We Select.

Sure, People LIKE Tim.

No, like all.

Everyone, yup, pets too!

Everywhere? All the time?

Yup, like tim.


No, thank you.

None of that.



Holy Spirit







I think some things are obvious, for example when JLabels don't use a monospaced font.

Other things? Not as clear..., for example, does a cell renderer provide an image or component it paints on? Do you call paint()?

No? Something else? I mean, I can FA, and, hopefully F0, but I don't know, what if my tests are wrong? I have noone to supervise.


Jan. 14, 2024 : 7:04pm (local)

Thank you, Tim!

Tim: NP

Yeah, like, Tim.

Sure, this too.




_|+| |& && |tim||| && tim2U.

&& u && me

&& u && who?

&& u && them!

&& u && all? : I'd respond yeah!

&& u && yours? : yeah.

We u

Tim. Does.







Soon to be...., log Entry?




Like, there are all these people, looking after YOU, ... , ToMakeSureYou'Re. What? Good? Okay? InCharge? Someone, not Tim, nor any variant. Stu?

Mike, Urs, Liz, Diana? Margot's Example.????,???



It's true. I think, like, 80%charity..., let's see, where to spend that? Please map it out.

Like, 8 People Like #tim, but none of them, neither.

Like, #Group(s) of 16. Exacting. #No. #NoneOfThem.

Like, #Operational. Country of Origin: <?>


#SomeoneAndSomewhere., #SomethingLike("Tim")

Will prefer "Him", But Might, "You". <?>

Parse for: ..., Tim.

It's at @root.

Run. <Target> : 4Tim

Tim @Running.

Tim. Ident.v

Tim: No, not me. : passalong

Sorry, like all people, ever?

Care for the animals.

Like.,..., Care for the animals?, Help the Humans? Work on God's Design?

Like, I just do software.

How am I to help, you say, "That's all done."?????, Like your world in 2024? Kill everyone?

Yeah, I think like, ... , fuck all of you. I like tim.

Someone, somewhere. Do it!

Do the best you can. Hire anyone.

World problems == World Solutions

People like you!


I'm sorry. , ... , So, ... , secondSetOfEyes?

Tim. You? You pay!

Tim? : Free


So stuff. Right now, I'd like to get back to what I was thinking about.

It seems, that was about a tutorial. It was for, ..., I forget. Please help me remember.

It was for everyone. It did everything.

Seven of Nine?

No. Tim.



Please. //-----------------------------------------------

I'd like to...

Can I play Zelda?

Hmmm, actually, it's 2024, but no, you can't.

Hmmm, thank you.


It's true, you may be..., "A Survivor of Childhood Trauma". I don't know.

Mar 13, '24 : '0:00pm'

Feb 13, '24 : '0:00pm'

Jan 13, '24 : '0:00pm'

Jan 12, '24 : '0:00pm'

Jan 11, '24 : '0:00pm'

MMM, hmmm, yeah, you'd need to... isolate to purpose. Field Generator.

Sure you could. Fully Self Autonomous Driver Working In Supply Chain.


Uhm, their's is precise. I guess you could start stealing navigation controls?

Yeah, they'll shut that down and direct to people capable. I wouldn't.... Sam Bankman Fried? So you collect all this cash but are in prison? I'd rather be in my prison at home, thank you, no!

I'll take on the harder existence.


People Like

Canyu? TiM?

No. None. Private.

You could.

Sum, overtake?

None will.

They want to..., "Let's see where this goes."...., People Like Tim.

If you're up to it? I'll try to help.


Jan 10, '24 : '0:00pm'

Jan 9, '24 : '11:59pm'

Jan 9, '24 : '9:30pm'

Jan 9, '24 : '5:05pm'

Lolz, we do it all.

We do the StaticCellColor

We: Tim.

We: Sure, we'll do yours too, if you can code it.

Jan 9, '24 : '4:30pm'

Terrible. Byte vs bit. Show Me.


True : 1

False: (Unless app return value == ok)

Something like:



v.2000 0000 [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0000] [0000 0001]


omg, like, {offended pedro}, You can't!!!: ... v.[2000][0000] ...

Some can. Some can't.



All This.

Sure, I guess you could. Follow pattern.

You could: ... v.{sure, all that}[2][?????????????????????population] ...

Some can. Some can't.


Jan 9, '24

You know, like, "Had a lot of help along the way. Remembering..."; -- "Jim Singleton,Dennis McKay, Carol Connon, George Shiels, Dale Chenger, Harold Kenney, Dave Holmes, Michael And Stuart de Vries, I agree, Nathan Marchbank, and you let me know...,..., uh, not Colin, but Casey.

Please do.

TimFormat: ???




I think that's right.

There are so many! How do you choose? Well, for one, not Tim!

Tim: Yeah, I thinks that's right.

Just like tim.

Trailers. Tractors. Tim: 4Everyone.


Jan 7, 2024

Continuing with the file operations app.


Jan 6, 2024

Caution: : Be careful to build everything according to the pattern you were shown on the mountain. : ?

It's true. I can say, "things like", what are you teaching me?

It's true. They try. But I was always like 1978. I forgave my Dad. His abuse.

I : "The Family of God".

I don't care. Jesus has me. Vis-a-vis. My Father Has Me.


Your type presents itself?

Would you like a log?


It's terrible. They say "jnlp", but that doesn't actually work == garbage.

You could.: ...,

That's history, not current.

Yeah, like $10/year : tim

Access to what I make : use.

Sort distributor, please? : Tim

Like everyone using it...., Okay, have to now do this, instead of that.




















A-new tim();








Student launches AllOfAll(); Verified by: Tim. : "It's true.".



you could. new Object(Type).,..., co-ordinate...., coordinates...,...

Do you see the difference?




I don't find it..., "too, too" - hard?

I love it! It's God's method to help me be good?


Uh, could lots.


How do you prefer it?

I think...

If you're a man, you have your "dna" with x+y+z&rwx+rhsa chromosomes? I dunno. I mostly do math and basic comp-sci data structures.

If you're a woman, you can/cannot, "GET 'PREGNANT'"?

Like..., my cat goes out at night and says to the "girl-cats", --- "I'm gonna..., ' GET '...,...'Yu' 'PREGNANT'"?

Both men and women get rid of tumors. Most do, ... probably, some don't.


Please!. Maybe inspect mine.





 I'm sorry, for the most part, most people? Yeah? Do you have a percentage?

Won't commit attempted murder against their children.







Sum. Everything. : Tim

Multiply * FUCKYOU&&FUCKU.



No. Housing for everyone. Sumthing..., Like?...,


Everone, everywhere.

Build here.

Transport x2y

Transport tim2tim

U wish you could.

People like tim. time. all.

Promote photonics.

So there is my platform and code, from birth to death.

Everything, by #Everyone.


All. [Interplanetary]

All. [IncludesTim]







The Doctor:

Okay, 'repeat:greeting'. Erase. Hold your cards.

Sum: Updates.


Cowards. Look at "Yourselves".





// Please separate?


  Tim:BibleGateway. BibleHub.  





Dec 29, 2023


Maybe they could say, something like, this could be inciting a riot, but,, .. , IF, you can code,...,tim.

Is it true or false?


Living, thinking, feelings beings, everywhere? All the Time? I think so.

People like tim.

Whether you for or against, he's NEVER cared. God SAID. And that's all done.

Everywhere, all around you. All the time. People For God?GOD! and You! I Love them all.



Can't get enough of them all!

People && WorldWide


yup., they're all so different? Yeah? Everyone.



We can.






Please! No! I don't want to experience that!

No, I don't.






Merry Christmas, Everyone!


Sorry, I know I'm obtuse, but, when travelling around the "globe", do you just vanish and teleport, or do you actually "travel"?

I'm sorry that would introduce, some sort of time/space portal, along a band? And it only works for those travelling?


Lol, here's a globe, and a map! Merry Christmas! A computer each, for the kids, along with tablets and phones. Raise 'em up!


Code for all!


They're so base. Don't engage, that only makes it worse. I know they're flat earthers, but can't understand.

So Like.,..., no one. Not you. Not me. Someone, though. Not you, not me.

They all the time. : Tim

I'm sorry. you're good|bad&¬Handsome.

All. Every. Each. Exact.

Sum, Tim.

All, Tim.








Said: All

Said: AllTheTime

Said: Everyone

Said: EveryWhere

Said: Mike

Said: Stuart

Said: Tim

Said: Ursula


I do a single, cohesive application that accepts all YOUR input???

Like, I do my own, but that's different from yours. I like mine. It's fast.


Try it. You'll like it.



Does: Everyone's!




I admint. It's all terrible!

no, none.,..&none...


Ugh, that's like, so 2012. No thank you. What do you have now?


Gross: No thank you!


4: December 23, 2023 && December 24, 2024

Animal Welfare



Dec. 22

So, Stu says I need a backup, and I agree. For Example:

I would like to go back,..., a step, or two.

A month. A year.

 Someone like, Tim.

I'd like to review, the whole learning path, in conjunction, with what I can make work?

4 Everyone. ::: Tim




I'm not sure that I need all your high-tech login crap. Phone you for a code? No thanks.

Do you have a key? Is it trusted?

AutoLoginCompleteEvent<PRINCIPAL>() -- You handle anon too, right?

lol --- nbsp;

Someone like...,...


Do you see the difference? Do you?

Ok, they say, prove it.

lol ---  


Some one like, @Someone.

MMMM, Trace. #Everyone. Yes. Equals(TIMS.ALL). Interplanetary. Like everyones like. Him. No, not me. Jesus


MMMMM, E'ry1. : Next.

None. Completey Secure.

Last System Access Of Passwords : #timstamp. Last Access of MASTER_PASSWORDS : #timstamp, relative to last SystemAccess:
Should be: 00:000:000:00 -- Date should not be relavant, as its' according to now.



Dec. 21

Sure, can't buy it.

That's true, but you may get a license, Year Over Year. $1/month. $10/year.

Send via Canada Post.... $10CAD to: Tim de Vries, Box 111, Heisler, Ab. E-transfer:

Sure, we have a secondary user license. It's the same cost as a primary user, except, for all sub-users.

So, $1/month or $10/year, each.

I wouldn't want to get caught stealing.


Software, for you, yours, all their descendants..., like little ants, working all the time.

Sure, we'll accept venezualan dollars.

Mail: To: <identifier>

Banking: Intercept. Yeah, I would think so: Tim.

Transformed. Updated Cells..., x, + y + z, + rows[0..all]. Data WhERE?

Someone. Everywhere. + Tim

Everything. Everywhere. + Tim

AllTheTime + "Everything. Everywhere." + Tim

Someone, !Tim


Help it all.



Dec. 20



It's all the stuff you want, and NONE of what you don't.


Of course. It works.





People, electricity, energyTransformation..., better get on a bit of nuclear, at least to test.



Lol, raspPi's Around the World...., Against You, For Tim.

Everything For Everyone


lol, sure you could. Infrastructure. People. #WorldWide.

All, everywhere.

Someone, not Tim.




lol, like, you, what + me?


No, them + us.


Try Like, Accessible? (sumthing), && , like, abuse(shitposting). Sort "Everyone". ::: Tim: 'Everyone?'???? :: Everyone...,..., I'd ask Stu.,..., when he wants. Let "HIM" tell me...;.. Yup. My big brother. He'll tell you.


You gotta him. Through ..., ? Agent?


Try Like, "GOD", && , like, abuse. Sort "Everyone".



Sorry, no, you can go there. Help them.




It's true. I'm not a diplomat, but I deserve, at least, the same level of security, and/because, I can manage it.

Come get me. Here I am. Ready to serve in any or WIN or POSIX (either / or :, ?,y,n,m.tim,total,global.StarDATE?) or, how about? ThisCapacity.



Yeah, so vote. Which charities are allowd? Recipients.

Refund Policy. ::: Yes, for you. Any amount, up to paid?Confirm Refund. ::: Someone, like, Tim...???









Lol. Thay can. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Can they sort<Everyone>???? ::: Someone for <Everyone>




It's true, you have some individuals trying to get to better environments/situations?



Hello, I am an Indian Scammer? ::: They're pretty good. ::: Tim


No one identified. Someone. Or Tim. Or his successor. Theirs. Someone.


None are lost. But Tim.


God said, here is how. The bible, I believe. Thw Qu??? kiran? Somehting.??? How? Qaran? Like that? Qeranne? Like THAT? Anything. Anywhich way. Help them all.






No, no antichrist.



It's to work for everyone. , ... , Everywhere. All The Time. ::: Tim


That's sick.

There are people that, for whatever reason, need to migrate to a different location.

Skilled trades, ie, building, renovating, chargers, linesmen and lineswomen???, etc.??? I would try to train and teach and instruct, for? Everyone's Benefit? ::: I think so.

If they didn't, micro/macro -- electronics. Software, date, etc? ALl of it ::: RaspPi authors.

Sorry, They said, Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.

I said, Everything, Everywhere, All The Time.


I'd like to say, mine does it different.

Sure, you could, ... if you pass my test, then 20-40% off. You decide...Vote Cheap For Devs... ::: showVoteByIP :: Sure, Feel Free to Edit. ::: Tim


I'd like to say, mine does it different.

It's true. I could sign it, and if they allow you to use it, it can work for 30 years. At least!

There's also the network functionality, so, I'd say, I can do more. What do you need?

Transfer? PKI/OAuth2/PassGen...


If you can afford a Gold subscription, at $1/month, or $10 per year?

I can do much more, which means, you, and all other subscribers..., can do do so, so, much more!, too!

I don't need a lot of money. I'm on disability and probably can't get hired to do what I do, so I have so much more time available, compared to most people, to work on this program. I can release my code, behind a user account, otherwise, it's considered public domain, and I don't really want that.

I want it to help those that support it. If you don't want to support it, then why should you be allowed to use all features?

And with the proceeds, help others..., and sure, I could use a bit more bucks, who couldn't? It's 12/19/2023 - 2024!

I make a quality product, if you're capable. I can understand, if it doesn't work for you.


No tickets. Email direct... I'm at home working on it, in the home I built, most days. Try me.

I could be your little tech support minion, in a way. Decide what you need. Tell me. r/embroidery


Maybe it's the same. Create an app, get the mail, filter by subject and importance, relative to main tec7 package, TIMS. Sort, present, respond: passes? or fails?


Explain what you want, or what isn't working. I will attempt to resolve.

Or you could write your own...

As a paying user, you would have access to the applications, documentation, and code.

Just if you use it to sell it, you have to pay a per client fee, per client, equal to a gold subscription, to my system at the rate of $1/month or $10/year, per sub-client, recursively to ALL sub-clients! So, I guess if that's the kind of software you make, go nuts! Thank you!


ah, so what is needed, code access or a payment system?

MMM, voting...


They're all awesome! : GmbH

It's true, I guess I'm gGmbH ::: Source: Link



Lava's organic. Liquid rock. Eat it!



Happy Birthday, All you beautiful pepole!


Sure, sure, like, Tesla AutoDrive?


How's about, data recorded: ByDevice. Routes established + GPS VIA AR/VR. We Love: Supply Chain, Health Care, Groceries. : Tim



Wow, like software and data that isn't accurate? Yes.

That's true, because they do not produce accurate targeting for enemies.


That's true, for naviagtion, you could put a phone in a holder and, TIMGPSDrive.


Yes, all the routes are already mapped. You Could. : Locator...., Tim: I'm alive.


I'm sorry, ...

I have to me.,...

all can destroy all. It's not my position.

Lol, you can launch....? , Yeah, I think so, Tim.



First of all, consolidate all materials acquisitions? Food. Fuel. Heating (Hello, Northern Canada, It's cold usually), (Not so much with climate change, drought, which means, no food?)


Utilize Emissions for Maximum Benefit




Rescued: Cats: 1, Dogs: 0, etc: 0

Ithink you should, ... everyone.





Rescued: Cats: 1, Dogs: 0, etc: 0

Sure, I'd say, garage in front, separate access on the side for basement, Data, Comms, SumpBackup. Solar. EV, etc.

So can take in, ..., like 3 humans? (One couple,+ 1) Must have verified income + vehicle. Up to 7 pets combined.

Rent negotiable, depending on +/- values.

Availability negotiable, depending on situation.

Parking available.

Sure, we could more. Construction Training Ground.

Deep Services + Tiny Home.

What your chequebook provides.


No, actually, we think.

Suited to your situation.

To help you.

Software enthusiasts.

People Like: Tim.







Sure, so, days within the range of the julian date 354 to 356(7), 7 in leap years.,..., ????

Sure, show me.,...,...



Dec. 14, 2023 AD

Happy Birthday, all you lovely people! <365(6)[+/-]>



Dec. 13, 2023 AD



Dec. 12, 2023 AD

Sure, so I'll try a RaspPI,..., do you use File Separators? Or, you're too tiny???

I'll try not to be rude, but I'm Tim<./p>

So, it's a controller? Of stuff<???>

Ok, so I get why I like it..., Why would someone, non-techy like it? Security and privacy aside, why it can help their business?

Sure, so, days within the range of the julian date 354 to 356(7), 7 in leap years.,..., ????


And Anytime, from point of inception for TimeOfDay.

And RegardlessOf "PointOfEntry"




We'd say something like, your efficiency will be furtherd. By a factor of Tim; -- Does and exceeds expectations.

Sure, you could test. We already have. Some is WIP. We're waiting on proposals to index runtimes.



Oh, My Oath!,...,...

Sure, cause, IP.

This, that, the "Next Thing".


It's true! I need Lights!

Along the front deck rail, on both sides, && in the little tree that grows, and maybe around the eaves? Dark blue?

Yep, in the tree that doesn't grow cords everywhere. Unless they conduit?




Dec. 11, 2023 AD

There's lots of examples, but nothing much to really say, something like..., here is a working sample,..., with an example you might use..., something like, tim working on his program.

Lolz. Yup.

You tell me what, and how? 2Charge. Okay.

No ads.


Dec. 10, 2023 AD


Dec. 9, 2023 AD

So for today, looking at DragAndDrop again, had to go back and fix some l/r issues, root descriptions, properties, looked at serialization, which may be useful for these objects.

But we'll see what happens..., you could, it's true. Pay for advancement. I can't afford that.

I'm trying to get back to JNI, but it's complex..., I want to..., retrieve project references..., show them..., what would you like?


So sorry. They didn't want to pay for a project manager + skilled labourer. I decided they didn't pay my costs. I quit.

I shouldn't have to put up with mental health issues and their bullshit. No Increase. Fuck You.

I have skills. Official. Construction. Technology. Java+Text...,... , ...????, Really, anything!

No. Not you!, Sorry!





Dec. 8, 2023 AD

Dec. 7, 2023 AD

One Week

I'd go with that.



everything, everywhere

Of Course..., ISS too.

It's just..., they're in space.

Closer than Earth, with StarLink.

Sure, how much is a blue check mark?

No none. Just Tim.

Sure, Identity. Person. Planet. Requirements. Needs. Skills.

Nah, none of that.











Sorry, they didn't their landscaping..., ... I just can't. :

Dec. 2, 2023 AD

Nope. None of that. Here. Now. On Time. Recorded for posterity. But no other access. God's Flick.

Sorry, I need to. $1/lifetime. Get an account, use my software. Get in line, or pay for access. Free && PAID.

I'm sorry you see it as so hard, it really isn't.

Consider animals: There are approximately 38-40 million people in Canada at any time.

Only some of them have pets, some have multiples and other people have exotics, fish and species with varying food needs.

For example, in the zoo, they have the Giant Panda's, on loan from China. If I'm correct, I believe they mostly eat bamboo. My cat doesn't.

We could. $12/month to support the pets veterinary, and if supplies are available, food, toys and "catnip-like" products. Maybe brushes, shampoo. Like bathe a cow.

You've heard of OC? : Tim : Organized Production

Advancing Everyone's Interests : Tim

Uh, so need a foundation to receive funds, and a board to disperse funds, probably with Tim Oversight. Teo.

Software to make it easier and more functional. : Someone, not Tim.

I think Murphy should be allowed a few beers after placed in bed and everyone's come and gone. I dunno, I'd drink a mickey.

Tim 2.


Dec. 1, 2023 AD

Like, time, tim && them.

It's true; -- I can give it away faster than you can produce it, and yeah!, you're allowed to test.


M-OLd.... --0a< 00


I didn't think I needed to: PKI. I thought that was obvious.


Are you showing?


They're always teaching me. Thank you!

You choose him/her/it. | her.

Possible versus definitely deformed.

lose / lose.






So, I have a "start" to a platform.

It Does. Multiple Apps/DBS/Platforms.

No, It is not perfect. It is being worked on.

It Does. It mostly works..

It Does. Spring

It Does. MySQL

It Does. JDK

It Does. tec7

It Does. TIMS

So, I have a "start" to a platform.



So, friendly?


Test? Ok, diametric.

No, Not Really,..., Where you are. : Like Tim, but better?









You know, like there are predatory people? Or no, I'm paranoid? schizo? Both? +You? Definitely in trouble!


Thank you God! For You!, For Jesus! For The Holy Spirit.!. For Your Salvation -- The Wisdom In Your Ways!






No. I wouldn't wanna that. : Tim




Sorry, you gotta identify somehow, or I can't keep your stuff separate.



Yeah, it's true. You have to. Separate, Isolate, Identify, and Classify. I have software that can help.

No, I don't.

I don't ?ANY?




Tim +/-?



All the time


Sure like ? : who + who? : Tim : &&|Stu||Someone.



No. Just Tim. None Of Any of Them.

Program AI To Track : Tim

GPS, central devices with auto: track&&Control...., Sum Tim.

Of Course. Supply Chain Modifications. Improvements, they say, though: !!! Questionable Practices.



When can I see test results?


Interpretation, Translation.


Dear Wikipedia,

I must go, but you might be able to look me up on

If you support me with $10 your currency, to: Tim, per lifetime, I can probably support you $0.000 0002 btc or equivalent eth, per diem.

Sorry, I run a site, write software in Java, and am on disability, but would work to receive your support. Thank you. God Bless You! Contact Anytime.


So they say: "if you assembly, it's all open source.", and, well, that's true, as are the Scriptures, but(nevertheless) I like the challenge of everything using Java. I know. It's childs play, and I'm about 8.

Yeah, I do that too: mov ax, 1

Did you not see Notes














Get 'em working. Paying taxes. Helping #Everyone. : Tim


Nov. 28

Deliberate: On Google





Nov. 26

You could.

You could make an account. Download. Pay. Request An App. Request A Feature.

$10 USD / lifetime. $10 USD / sub-user.

Sub-users must agree to Terms and Conditions, dealing with payment.

Other than that, you may use it any way you like.

Sure. I could hook up a pay function.


No.,..., I don't really want your data..., that would mean I would have to protect it, and that's something I think YOU should do, or OAuth2 and offload compute requirements mostly to 3rd party provider (Big Tech).

It's true, it's true.,..., it's aweful, but look at the code, and it's absolutely beautiful!








Nov. 19

I guess I should put videos of how to use the software on YouTube. That way, YouTube will provide hosting of the video and I may be able to generate some revenue from YouTube ads.

I think the software should be put behind a login to prevent people from using it to train AI without agreeing to a license, as right now it is in the public domain.

That doesn't mean I'd have to charge for it, just that the user would require an account, which is where OAuth2 comes in.... I don't really want to store account information. I can, but I'd rather Google, or Github, etc., do that.

I prefer to make things by writing code.


Nov. 17



Nov. 11

I would like to thank all service members for their service in protecting our freedoms. #LestWeForget. God bless you!

I get a little drunk sometimes at the computer while I'm working. Sorry if anything I've done or said offends anyone. I try to keep it God and software oriented, but sometimes I get a little wild.


Nov. 10

I've been working on my TIMS app -- "Tim's Information Management System".

I have a lot of the core infrastructure working. It connects to my database on this site, to the PKI Server on this site, to the computer in the other room, whether I'm in the office or the living room.

I got it to bypass the client if the server isn't running and to pause the STATUS requests in the event the server hasn't been started in one room or the other.

The client/server comms are over TLS to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and data corruption. The server is basically a wrapper over file system operations, except over the network, so similar to SFTP.

The next phase will be to generate a graphical user interface overtop the code to make it as simple as drag and drop, if possible, and a 1 click button interface if not.


Nov. 1

For all the Vets in the World.

So, I try to make a quality product. It works with NetBeans and isolated as PureJava. I mostly use an IDE and will switch to verify.

That's today's news, I guess. It's mostly focused on the bad things. It's too bad it's not uplifting. I'd like to hear about good things, but then I'm disabled, so.


Today? Working on TIMSApp. Have the PKI for all clients and server running. Have the MySQL for user/admin working and isolated. Boxes work. Link to CaptureTool works. TIMSApp will start, but since server is already running, skips that. 3 new Clients? JList.

Still working on Console. Will Attempt some drawing, input to Token. Search Java/JavaX packages for code. RegisteredItemsRepository.

Need to finish the last video. Most code is there, but have been fixated on "hooking it all up for my good".

What "data" is acceptable to store? Global Knowledge? Statistics? Code Paths? "Data" Storage? 'tis gross. uhm, like, "humans,..." .


Oct 31

Oct 30

Oct 29

It's spooky alright.

Is security worth it?, just do public, (Home: LocalLan) , for someone like, me, You? Your security better be tight, yo.

Optional:   : Keep the Date. 1/1/1970.

I Prefer: 1970.1.1 (YYYYYYY.MM.DD) "Strings, yo"


Oct 28

Like This.


Oct 27


So, I model a User as follows: --

Oct 19

For, That Humanity Might Change

So, today I was able to locate and condense access to the PKI properties for a host. I store them in "tecreations/properties/TIMS/.properties".

Nothing, nowhere., that's the option? For eternity? Uhhh, eternity is like, "a really long time", by Tim.


Oct 18

Hi, so yesterday I was able to get the Roles Based Authentication using OAuth2 working correctly. There were some minor fixes with the database to keep it active longer and that seems to fix the "Unable to acquire JDBC connection." problem.

I was thinking it might be a good day for a break from the computer and try to get some of the auto work done I need to do. Basically, an oil change, replace an engine mount and remove the battery from the spare vehicle. But my left sciatica is still really sore from moving the firewood for my neighbor. Still undecided.


Oct 12

Hello, ..., fill it in.



Oct 11


Log:, like wtf?, ...., Insanity,..., typing &, lolz, inaccuracy issues.


Oct 10


I think you're saying, you love me? I'm not sure. It's too hard to tell. Maybe? 50/50? 49/51? 51/49? I'm pretty bad, i guess you'd say.


Oct 9



Do you need help locating?

Please do, use -- customize to suit.

If it can't find it:

  • You're in the wrong project.
  • You don't have the correct dependencies for that "Project".
  • You have a typing accuracy issue. (Possibly Dyslexic.) [{Should eliminate that possibility. Match to real,...,... -- multilanguage, yup even the glyph languages. Every which way.}]
  • You do not have a correctly set ProjectPath.PROJECT_HOME. (For more serious modifications.)
  • Your .jar's may be corrupted. Ransomware? When was last restore? / Backup/Restore Test?
  • --
  • I may have programmed it incorrectly.

Consider the following code:

Look at how the packages are separate, yet sorted. And the packages within, ..., sorted as well.

You can get the source for this via this tutorial series:


package app.config;

import jakarta.servlet.Filter;
import jakarta.servlet.FilterChain;
import jakarta.servlet.ServletException;
import jakarta.servlet.ServletRequest;
import jakarta.servlet.ServletResponse;
import jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;

import java.time.LocalDateTime;
import java.util.Enumeration;

import org.springframework.core.annotation.Order;
import org.springframework.core.Ordered;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

 * @author Willy de Keyser
public class LogFilter implements Filter {
    public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException {
        HttpServletRequest httpRequest = (HttpServletRequest)request;
        //HttpServletResponse httpResponse = (HttpServletResponse)response;
        LocalDateTime ts =;
        System.err.println("Auth-Client: LogFilter: " + ts + " - " + httpRequest.getLocalAddr() + ":" + httpRequest.getLocalPort() + httpRequest.getServletPath());
        Enumeration headers = httpRequest.getHeaderNames();
        while (headers.hasMoreElements()) {
            String headerName = (String)headers.nextElement();
            System.out.println("\tHeader: " + headerName + ":" + httpRequest.getHeader(headerName));


Oct 8


So, I take issue with many of the so called "Tutorials" out there, at least with Java.

Many of them do not include the import statements. I'll tell you why that's not very good.

  • It makes you search for them, which wastes the developers' time. The whole goal is code re-use, and if the code is incomplete, it's not very reusable.
  • It opens the door to name clashes. If the wrong code is included, (because the exact code wasn't specified), the wrong code could be used. This issue can open the door to security vulnerabilities.
  • It's just plain lazy and ignorant. I understand the need for SCCE's -- not including the code violates that prinicipal. It is actually harder to remove the import's, so you're actually wasting your time doing that.
  • If you consider yourself a "teacher", you are failing your students' attempts to learn.
  • If you only put import pkg.*, you are still wasting the learners time. Sure, you told them where it is, but not what it is. That's like saying "get me the <blank> from this room". You expect them to be mind-readers. Again. not that good.

I guess I could post my work as I go, but they say, legally, anything posted is public domain. Therefore, if I want to charge for my work, I must put it behind a paywall.

Sure, I could. I could PHP like facebook, apple, twitter (X), google, etc. But if the goal is increase security, it's Spring Security. That's the de-facto best practice, at present, so that's what I"ll do.

The goal would be a set of ad-revenue sources tutorials, a paid course or a book deal, but so far, I'm still learning.

My framework code is available, free for non-commercial use, and readily available. Availability may be scaled by creating a .torrent, but that's another mess.

For now, it's free and (old versions) available, via this site or


Oct 6


Sorry, got hung up on Videos yesterday.

Proverbs 19:11 - ESV -- Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.


Oct 4


Still on the Spring Security. I did get the authorization server examples all working, so I'm on the Resource Server and then eventually some sort of client, but I'll have to work my way through the exercises.


Oct 4


It's true; -- !~(not like) == all the authorization server functions operate correctly. Seems there were code and configuration differences. The "Project"? now works correctly.

  Like, Please, spare me your drama! : People Like Tim, ..., It seems like we say, they have it sorted. I Don't Care, If you don't include everyone, you're "Not On My Side". : Belly. The Band, their music.

I Manufacture. : Thank you, how may I help?

Next up: auth-resource-5

Oct 3


From my mouth: 0 > lessThanZero.

Prove it.

Look. It's simple. If you say, me coding your way will (get|obtain|secure) me 98% of people? Hello. I'm still going to say, "There's another 2%." And MySystem, could target for "identification"..., "anything". ANY WHICH WAY. Olivet.Uhm, PeopleLikeTim. Uhm, yeah, so like, "for everyone's good"?



Right now, they want to. -- Secure, isolate and identify everyone. WorldWide. If they haven't already.

You probably should.

Alert #! Alert, The world is capsizing. Shelter in place. Listen for social media to save you.


Don't know what to do. The authorization server is outputting the two accessible endpoints /oauth2/jwks and /.well-known/oauth-authorization-server?

Login fails or something. Error Reporting worked yesterday. Today, no. It happens using the tutorials InMemoryUserDetailsService, and MyUserDetailsService, even when source for My... is outside app.package dirs.

I dunno. Drink! Hoot! Smoke! Quit!


So my, MyUserDetailsService should not be the problem. It outputs the correct roles/scopes for the user.

Also, we corrected the count issue and tested with multiple clients. Still kinda suspect for a worldwide use, but RegisteredClientRepository is good for now. It's not that. You could check? I could post?


Someone, not Tim.


I dunno, recently got told that quoting/referencing/identifying Scripture is: "not cool". What say you?





Oct 2


I hope it's not a cop-out. I mention people and groups of people when I pray, because, I believe the Holy Spirit knows best what everyone needs and struggles with. I suppose He would ultimately defer to God the Father, but who am I to even think about such lofty things? May I be able to say, "I was only doing as I ought", should He say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."; -- Dunno, don't think I'd be able to speak.

Hmmm, what can I add to that? Like, how? List.



Oct 1



From the youngest flexxer in 2 centuries: Tim:

Lil Tay -- Sucker for Green





I was eleven in grade 5. (6+5 == 11). I didn't fail, I dropped out. I did the GED, for U. I turned 12, (just before the middle), at the end of the year, because my birthdate.

My Parents: "Lol, we'll really fuck them up."

I don't know, I'm a Metis, survivor of child abuse at the hands of my parents. I think they call that "Attempted Accidental Homocide". I found a wagon.

There's tons that had it worse than me, and still do.

I still won't call "that!", good. Probably not much of what I see. It's difficult. There's a lot of negativity. I guess it depends what you focus on. I mostly, the math behind the geometry,... I had this math teacher, ... , Mr. Falk? Great!. , Kalamalka Junior High, Vernon, B.C. 1984-1985?OffByOne?, he was pretty good, but me, not so much. And another Math teacher in Grade 10, (Falkner). ???? How would that be??? , ... ???? The teacher in grade 9 was cool, knew how to teach, even I got some learning (not like todays youth with predator teachers); -- ..., ...

Svoboda, 100%, on a test.

That was around, grade 8/9 ~ 15 yrs old, I'd say Elena Svoboda. I believe that was her name, but either way, my memory isn't what's suspect., No, that's not it, that's from the school name. It was Mrs. Campbell's/CSomethingIBet(...) class, in the next to farthest southwest corner of the school, in /around "that year". I remember that moment, but not fully.

Ugh; -- back then "Dad" wasn't around. Sure, Drink, Smoke, Football..., Sorry..., no nothing for you unless you want the belt with buckle?

I fucking hate football, no offense, Taylor.

Mount St. Helena, Junior High. -- I later broke in and stole Phantom of the Opera tickets and cash. Had a habit and was trying to feed it. Still do to this day, but now, it's more computing than drugs and alcohol and secrecy.

I guess I should say..., you probably shouldn't use tec7.jar in production. It is safe to, if you are modifying it. Same for MySQL/Postgres/DB&&Admin

Wow, like 2023 is crazy man,..., I can't imagine not having identity, and that hits different than it used to.

There are,,xxx,xxx bilion unidentified, and increasing.

Sure, sure, connect. Process. Distribute. Execute[Authorities: Admin/User]

I Know, I Know!, ..., I'm so far behind.

Sure you could,

People like Jesus




And then regular people.

What about me? Where do I go?



Please, join me in prayer, remembering these aspects of God.

Lamentations 3:21-233 -- Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Romans 8:28 -- And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

That by faith, I/We might be acceptable.


For the parents and unborn of those dealing with certain birth defects and / or death of spouse and / or of child or children:

It's true: 2 Samuel 12:23 -- "But now that he is dead, why should I go on fasting? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me."

It's true:

For the unborn:

For the unfostered:

For abused children:

For their siblings:

For their parents:

For health care workers and support staff:

For those that would report:

For the hamlets, villages, towns, cities, and other municipalities:

For the provinces, territories && states:

For the countries, especially Canada:

For anyone considering abortion, anywhere..., that God's light would shine on them:

For anyone I've missed:

That God would act! That God would save them all. Today!

1 Timothy 4:10 -- That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.

And in Jesus Name, for the Glory Of God! : Tim


I think it's sick: Reduce emissions.

I need delivery of everything, everywhere, all the time. That should be sorted already.

A public transportation network. Help, if able.

Sept 30


For the unborn:

For the unfostered:

For abused children:

For their siblings:

For their parents:

For health care workers and support staff:

For those that would report:

For the hamlets, villages, towns, cities, and other municipalities:

For the provinces, territories && states:

For the countries, especially Canada:

For anyone I've missed:

And in Jesus Name, for the Glory Of God! : Tim



For the unborn:

For the unfostered:

For abused children:

For their siblings:

For their parents:

For health care workers and support staff:

For those that would report:

For the hamlets, villages, towns, cities, and other municipalities:

For the provinces, territories && states:

For the countries, especially Canada:

For anyone I've missed:

And in Jesus Name, for the Glory Of God! : Tim


Sept 29


For the unborn:

For the unfostered:

For abused children:

For their parents:

For health care workers and support staff:

For those that would report:


Like, Tim, for all the parents struggling with certain birth defects, &| means and/or, death of your spouse, may they have the peace and surety of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit,

May they choose the most excellent way.


Properties, File, Color, Date, Font, and at least, Point, are all overridden to provide java.lang classes with increased functionality. Override these, if desired, to include more features.

Date is a bit different, it's designed for ease of use, not exact + easier functionality. Think: "Like, getXXX, ..."

For all the children:

Thanks, Google.


Today and tommorrow, please pray for the unborn, their parents, society as a whole and the legal system, that they would better their human rights record. In Jesus' name. Amen! Also that all others would agree, in Jesus' Name.



Sept 26



That's unfortunate. It seems they lost a good man.


Please ignore what doesn't apply to you. Thank you. No, I'm not in danger. No one is targeting me, that I am aware of. : Tim

Husbands love your wives -- How? -- as Christ loved the Church!

Of course, I would, ....
24 But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything.
25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her,
26 so that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the Word,
27 that He might present to Himself the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless.
28 So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself.
29 for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church,

Sept 25

Like, a lunatic, right?



Proverbs 22:6 -- Train up children in the way they should go, And when they are old they will not depart from it.

Proverbs 13:24 -- He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly.

Proverbs 20:11 -- Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and whether it be right.


I'm not sure what to do. ... you should be able to get the source and copy/paste from there.

Projects (because of credentials), should be private in exposure and public in reach.

Everything should be for everyone's good use, regardless of age.

It should code and natural english... and the other languages of the world.

It should provide alternatives, but not act upon them. Let the user choose the path.

737 pm

It should present HOLY Choices.

Francais Canadienne

Tim: like, that's pathetic, yo. Try like, #WORLDWIDE?. : Tim

Sept 24

Time: 00:00 - 00:02 AM


Someone like, Maybe Tim, Thomas, Tom, Stu, Mike, You, U, U2?

I won't apologize. I'll change. For 1. MMIWG. 2.) Water. 3.) Food. 5.) That implicates, #4). Transport. #6 Community. #AllForAll., or no.


Hello, what would you like?

TimsInstantiation W/WO Tracking, Assurances. Proof. Tim. Ultimately,..., uh, like, God.


Sept 23

Time: 11:06 - 11:08 PM

Sort. Everything, for everyone, all the time. : Tim< Separate AllOfThese from: AllOfThose


Time: 10:53 - 10:57 PM

Time: 10:24 - 10:26 PM -- Like, for U 2U: Elvis Presley && America -- Like Tim, && Everyone. Yeah, like, HIM????

Sorry.Here you go.

Time: 10:17 - 10:19 PM -- I Like this U2 -- One

Time: 10:04 - 10:06 PM -- I like this Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Time: 9:56 - 9:58 PM -- If you abdicate change vis-a-vis global warming, climate change. The world, and thus, all people -- will suffer.


James 4:6 -- But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: "God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble."

Proverbs 3:34 -- He mocks proud mockers but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.

It would seem as though God uses "but" as an "and", not as a negation.... Hmmm, who needs to hear this?

I'm Sorry.

I want to understand how it works so I can exclude features that should be considered unsafe/un-useful. I like "Remember Me", but I'm not so hot for "Acceptable 2FA". I should be able to access ALL of my email. Anywhere, Anytime. I should be able to travel with PKI, SSH, and Bitcoin/Ethereum keys.

I want to code everywhere, travel anywhere and pay, if need be. Too much of it doesn't work.

I should be able to use a jump-drive, if I want. I need to pass my credentials to my will recipient, executor and lawyer.

I should be able to set up a Dead Man Switch, in part to trigger "Body Removal" and in part to notify the aforementioned people.

Keys should be transferred, privately, securely, and whenever the "Will Recipient(s)" require.


Payment Terms

$1 / lifetime.

I accept Bitcoin/Ethereum, E-Transfer and mailed payments, whether Canadian Dollars, Foreign Exchange, or Cheques.

I might not cash cheques, nevertheless, in any event, I give it all away. Go grab some.

Java + AnythingElse : Tim


Love this:

Thank you!




Hello Trudeau

You need an app? Sort the world and all its' stuff. : Tim

Can you understand? Mouse? X:Y, Origin: 0,0; Next Up. Your Last Position

I do, can you? Can you capture and click? : Tim


Lolz, ok. Not really. You/Them.

Sure, sure. If you can define it, I can build it (at least, in code, if you're lucky, reality). : Tim

It's true. They got me confused on the delete project jars?. Please!; New Project. What? When? Why? By Whom? Thank you!

Lol, no.




Tim? Yes, patron?

 < br / >


  : Tim

I think, if I write it, it should stay? : I think that's fair.... : Tim

Happy Fall Everyone!


If anyone sins: We Have a Saviour and There IS a Messiah!. I believe everyone's saved. - The Saviour - Tim.

I just had to get home today. I've missed computing. I missed posting. I missed talking about where I'm at with the software so far.

I'm going to (try to) work on the Oauth2 Authorization Server, hopefully the Resource Server and eventually the Oauth2 Client. I went through the Spring Security 6 with Spring Boot 3 tutorials by Willy de Keyser and was able to get all of that working, until last Saturday and then a bit in Oauth 2 auth server last Sunday.

On the drive home, I thought it might be good to look into AI to see where God has interacted in people's lives.

For fully self-driving automobiles, we really only need a phone holder in the center of the dash, coupled with manufacturers' measurements and the ability to record and/or playback. It's called Global Positioning System (GPS) for a reason, people. I think someone should make an app and 3D print some various holder proto-types. Startup - Go!

All of my shirts smell like yuck.

I guess NetBeans had to DisableScreenCapture. IF they can read, that's DIFFERENT.

I don't think I'd do that, now, nor ever. Maybe it's a dev-interim problem?

I'd try to help.

Capture, then read.

Love this:

Here You Go.

Sorry. Thank you.

I don't scrape.

1 John 2:2 -- He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.

Slava Ukraine!


Sept. 18-22, 2023



Sept. 17, 2023



Sept. 16, 2023

May I? : Holly McNarland -- When You Come Down


For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority. -- Colossians 2:9-10

Send forward || Send backward.

Yes: Magnet: Series: Episode: #Specifier, By Tim. Yeah, gosh, keep a list of what I watch. Update as necessary.


Sept. 15, 2023

I guess you could, for your privacy, security, safety. Is there anything uncovered? Are you unsafe, can you make a signal? Do you have a pen?

For your Listening Pleasure:




Right now, I'm comfused by BadCredentialsException. I'm not sure where/how -- to catch it so it doesn't print a stacktrace.


So how? Magnet: <blueAntLink>

GetLatestVersion && CompatibleWithVersion


If they want....


Sept. 14, 2023

Sorry, 2 days a week...., Rocket Man

Maybe tracked, But Charlatans.,...

Oceans -- Hillsong. Sorry, Iceans.

So I,; Do yours please. Tim does.

Everything else.,...., Data, Streams, Everything Else. Tim For Tims$. Everyone. SumCoins.

uh, so like, people like, U, me, TimsDevs, Them. They. All. AllTheTimeAndEverywhere. Tim. Yeah, Everything. Everywhere. AllTheTime. which part confuses you?



Sept. 13, 2023

Brooke Nicholls - Not Finished

Look me up. On Earth.

Hol' Up. Getting a link.


No Doxxing.

For your Listening Pleasure?:

U2 - One

Sorry, I guess I'm a creep motherfucker.

It's true.

For your listening pleasure:

Now: The Unforgettable Fire



So, one of the errors that I overcame was using ddl-auto. When the schema would change, it needs to be on UPDATE in order to indicate if there any mapping issues between the User class for UserDetails and the database actual schema. I use a separate SetupDB class that reuses the MySQL class in db.mysql. I find it way faster, because I can write the code for multiple iterations, whether for create table or addUser, setUserDetails, etc.

Personally, I use year, month, day, because for dates since Christ, it is automatically self sorting within most file systems. There is also the add advantage using Strings to store them, that they may be able to be any arbitrary length, so using the long/medium format for the date, you could have something like 2020BC-January Twelfth, and even that would be able to be parsed to equal -2020-1-12. Pick your flavor.

I think it's true. , or it's just, mathematicians.

Every decision ever.




Not, Him.





Judgement must begin with the House of God. : 1 Peter 4:17 -- For it is time for judgment to begin with God's household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

I'll NEVER: ... , U can/cant do commerce, with or who antyone. Tim.


Sept. 12, 2023

The Thing God Made

What can I say that Glorifies God? Well, let's see, how about that anything exists and is ordered and specified, so exactly, and completely, accross all areas of wisdom, knowledge, and learning? Yay/No/Maybe/Undecided.... Abstained.

Don't even get me started on science and stuff.

Is there a directed course of study? How do I determine if I have the pre-requisites?

I've been researching and developing software in a Java and online in PHP.

But maybe I'm not good enough, or my code isn't, or both? I don't know. U tell me.

I guess we're all on our own.

I just switched a bunch of classes, namely the ones that I thought could be subclasses of like, Color, File, Properties, but realized it made more sense to be a 3rd party library. So you need to access ca.tecreations.misc.TColor, TFile and TProperties. I think that's it.


TProperties --

PropertiesViewer --

I guess you gotta learn somehow.

This teaches me.

I like it.


Sept. 11, 2023

Maybe I'm a terrorist?


Sept. 10, 2023

Romans -- We're all evil. It's only because God is good that we are saved! : True Story

Sorry, I can only scripture for comparison.,..., wow, you're evil too!

September 9, 2023

Sorry, you're too evil...

You need to...

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Health Care -- Today
  • Clothing is part of shelter. : Tim

Sorry, I'm some dull cunt (Sure, sure, transport).

All 9All : People Like Tim

All : 9LL

Who? When? Where? : Is there evidence?

People Like Tim.

Sorry. I Apologize. I will never do anything like that, ever again. : Tim.

I could maybe help, for this specific person you have chosen.

But maybe not.

They should...

All : ALL

Someone : !Tim

!Tim : Someone


Wow, I'd maybe Secret Invasion [ScreenRip], Seein as there's nonoe of that., Sorry..., gotta go.

We can, MonthDayYear, in format MMDDYYYY? Year >= 10000? Like Tim?

Hi!, Thanks for considering my application...., Please see what I've done. I can do so much more. #checkitout


My goal is: To give away, more than anyone else on the planet, and to:

Produce High Quality Software, ..., But...

they try to cheese that, and , no thank you.

A day or two.I'm needed at home.


Label data for AI?

Write software for a leading firm?

Do my own thing on disability.... Accountable, to ..., let's see, the Hague, The International Court of Opinion...., The Unitied Nations, and U.S. Congress. And | && : Canadian Parliament

Hi! Thanks, You're #TOOLATE


No, I would say it's true. So Is the software. Like PURE MATH, but operations, too.

OK, OK, molest your kids. Not into that, sorry. Gotta go.


Some, none; == -- not me, no thank you.


Can't handle the truth. Had Me Almost killed because I' '"found a wagon"'. Nope, they coulda, just left the old mans tools out.

Kill 'im or make 'im a piece of shit.


   Like, tim. No, not him, someone-else..., . , ; [;< br /> <none<>


It's like, ... , translate, and they are never on your side. They seem like it, but not really. Only GOD/Jesus/Holy Spirit can be trusted, and if you're in opposition to scripture..., sorry, you're done.

It's true. The Alive and the Dead.

It's true, I could label data for AI, but if AI, it already knows..., so, uh, ...

Cat, Dog, Humans && Tim


Canned, debug.


Certain Variables.... how about?

Month DayWithoutLeading0, YYYY[{Y}][{Y}][${Y}]

It's true, you could, that becomes:

Month DayWithoutLeading0, YYYY[{Y}][{Y}][${Y}].JJJ

where JJJ is equal to a Julian DayOfYear, Sorry, Required Parameter.

That would lead to "DayOfYear".AsYMD() Which would lead to calculate isLeapYear. Sure, Fine. Done.

I can implement, or trust what's written?

That begs, which author, organization? Compendium of all, hence, random == true.

Yes. Only for accepted.


tags, tab, bwp (breakWithinPage) || (breakWithinParagraph) || BOTH, Please, Thank you!!!!, && bp (breakParagraph) && (ALL_OF_THESE_UNLESS_NAME_COLLISION) && nbsp && htab. Thank you!


?{time: Heisler, Alberta}

?{time: Local}

?{pass: MySQL}[REGEN]{isHTTPS ? ifIsHTTPSPrint("Secure") : System.out.println("Insecure...");}

?{pass: NOSQL}[REGEN]{isHTTPS ? ifIsHTTPSPrint("Secure") : System.out.println("Insecure...");}

?{pass: Postgre}[REGEN]{isHTTPS ? ifIsHTTPSPrint("Secure") : System.out.println("Insecure...";)}

Canned Operations.... how about?

    Spring API Test: Debug|Thorough|[Exact&|Extensive]|| [...] ||ALL

    Spring Login System Test: Debug|Thorough|...|ALL

     <T.I.M.S.>: PKI Status: Certs/Keys/CA: Done. Status == PKI.OK.certifiedBY: {INSERT_ENTITY_NAME}'s

     <Y.O.U.R.S.>: Status: OK.

     <AI>: Status: OK.

     <AI Admin>: Status: OK.

I could try, I dunno, maybe I can get it working...


Isaiah 30:15 -- This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:
"In repentance and rest is your salvation,
    in quietness and trust is your strength,
    but you would have none of it.

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 -- and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.

Psalm 46:10 -- He says, "Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth."


September 8, 2023

Where (When? Everyday?) God Did A Miracle

September 6 & 7, 2023

Did a fair bit. The newer TLSViaPKI server performs a lot of periphery operations. I havent compiled on remote machine for about 5 or 6 years, but I would use SystemTool, so it's the same as today. Code reuse. That's the name of the work I try to do. It can be difficult and incredibly easy. It depends.

Really hard to price on the trillions of uses scales.

  ..., and looking at it, I'd need an [(x)]MarkupLanguage renderer. Please supply.

So, I would think, HTML, css engine, javascript engine, SGML, VRML, XML, and XHTML, at a minimum. It really should be a global effort, but if only me, OK!. "I see where it's at." No, they WOENT"

Yup, all your software.

You should be good, or at work. I'm good. I like to work. Here I AM. What do you need? What doesn't work? How may I help? No. Noone, I'll figure it out.

If I can help? Let me know. Sorry, It's hard, && I'm NOT+GOOD.

September 5, 2023

Tell 'em the truth. And get out of their way.

Psalm 34:8 -- Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Some progress today. Was able to test run Deploy for Auth-Client-3. That works perfectly in the IDE but not when launched from the command line, which is where it ultimately must. Still at it


September 4, 2023

All Praise To God!

So like GMT + 7:43 PM == Alberta Time

I think that's right.


September 3, 2023

All Praise To God!

For your Listening Pleasure:

In a class of her own: Holly McNarland

When you come down



Hold On -- Katy Nicole

Identity by Kierra Noelle

What am I to say about you? Oh, most Holy God?. The One who sent his Son. Not to receive glory, but to save, the wretched, like me?.

Free? Sure, if, and only if, ..., everything else is in place. Tim.

Sure, I'll lolz, like, "Whatever You Want"?, and not with residual?. Sorry, no thank you. Tim.

No, none of any. $1/lifetime. Everyone. : Tim

Current Evaluation: xyz-tim/8.4 billion. Sort it out.

Yeah, Tim.what "ALL: [the fuck you think. {Not programmatic, or (where is the code.Static. Data. TrackByTim. "TheLifeOfGod".Only.And.Exclusive.)}]

All, All the time. Everywhere. Everytime.

Please sort. Thank you. : BinaryBros.

None || LAST

How many?

They're asking, ..., what order are you in?

Yeah, that's what I said: After SecurityFilterChain

Sorry, like GMT to GMT. Tim.. ..., until you....,....




Scheduled for: Sept 14, or later. I think I won't go. No. Thank you, though. Uh, I can't, poverty, yo.

Yeah, I can. Like you and everyone else. MyPermisssions. I couldn't care. Either way, more/less.

Rules are rules.

These..., these ways....

These..., allow,






It would be in the: "AuthUser",skip to next, so you've printed, either successful or failed login. After that, you do..., etc.

Page/Window : End.

People like..., tim, and @#them : tim


Everyone. Everytime. Everywhere.

September 2, 2023

More reasons it might not work....

Enforce your code.

The cell of the data in question, is not entirely consistent.

Solution: Fix the database schema, sql, and POJO's.

Of course. All necessary JARS, no shadowing.

Let's say you're on desktop. Are you compiling? Are your latest tests working, with 0 Errors, Acceptable Compilation Failures?

Let's say "I could help...", ..., where/how is it? I want to work from here. Can we? ... Email/Batch/Daily Only? Let me proofread? @#WithApproval.x&&Counting...

Yeah, the "best" "good" should be able to. Everybody else? ..., That depends. Who is to evaluate?

I can post, can you?

It would be good, if you could.

<none> can post, can you?</p>


August 31, 2023

For Your listening pleasure:


In default of tec7, DirDiff: Does a diff of two directories, please specify AbsPathStrings or ca.tecreations.File.


static Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(NamedApplication.class)



August 30, 2023

They call Jesus a 'crowd': they slipped away one by one, beginning with the oldest, until only Jesus was left in the middle of the crowd with the woman

For your listening pleasure:

DIAMONDS by HAWK NELSON -- Sorry Non US-English language settings...., dealing with "Windows".


More Spring Sec3.0.0. Got the oauth3 client configured and working properly with user/admin login. now off sso and trying more but have to figure out why either a) lombok isn't working in netbeans, or manually generating boilerplate. Must also develop compatible table, foreign key and indexing sql.


August 29, 2023


1 Peter 4:17 -- For it is time for judgment to begin with God's household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?


1 Timothy 4:10 -- That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.


Dr. David Jeremiah


Anne Wilson -- My Jesus


August 28, 2023

I believe it's true.


Reasons It Might Not Work?

Code Shadowing.... Multiple Jars with similar names, numbers ascending.

Code Shadowing.... Default package. Overriden, possibly, by .jar on classpath, specified by Launcher(s).

Code Shadowing.... ClassPath of ??? What??? Jar/ClassPath, maybe netbeans, something else.

Non Compiling Code -- That Won't Run Until Corrected.


August 28, 2023

For your listening pleasure and faith:

I Am New -- Jason Gray

A Woman Caught in Adultery -- John 8 1-11 --

10 Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, "Where are your accusers? Didn't even one of them condemn you?"

11 "No, Lord," she said.

And Jesus said, "Neither do I. Go and sin no more."


Today was just working on some stuff with mysql on the server. I'm trying to get something working to do automated setups, but we'll see.


August 25, 2023

Yesterday all I did was test that the Launcher worked in the Downloads .jar and that was successful. Today, after a few tries and a recompilation of the DependencyViewer class, the Launcher successfully launched DependencyViewer, so hopefully I'll be able to get the Auth* group working and eventually onto the server. I have the Timezone access and MySQL Pass Generator code working, so I'd like to get those live on the site over the next month, but have a trip to Calgary planned to help some friends and maybe do some work for my brother.



Romans 14:12 -- So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.

Ephesians 2:8-9 -- For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith -- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -- not by works, so that no one can boast.

2 Peter 1:3-4 -- His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

Jeremiah 29:11 -- For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

1 Timothy 4:10 -- That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.

Collosians 3: 23 -- "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,"

Lamentations 3: 22 - 23-- The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is His faithfulness.

Proverbs 31 : 7 -- Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.

1 Thessalonians 4: 9-12 -- Now as to the love of the brethren, you have no need for anyone to write to you, for you yourselves are taught by God to love one another; for indeed you do practice it toward all the brethren who are in all Macedonia. But we urge you, brethren, to excel still more, and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you, so that you will behave properly toward outsiders and not be in any need.

Romans 12: 1-2 -- Great is God's Faithfulness. I believe that's true.

Psalm 23:4 -- Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

1 Timothy 4:10 -- That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.

Collosians 1:16 -- For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.

Collosians 2:9-12 -- For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority; and in Him you were also circumcised with a circumcision made without hands, in the removal of the body of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ; having been buried with Him in baptism, in which you were also raised up with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead.

Phillipians 3:12-14 -- Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:14-15 -- For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.

1 Samuel 15:22 -- But Samuel replied: "Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams."

John 10:10 -- The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Proverbs 9:10 -- The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.


For your listening pleasure

Beautiful -- Dan Bremnes

A Street Called Mercy - Hope's Creed

Michelle Branch -- Tuesday Morning

Filled With Your Glory by Starfield

Identity by Kierra Noelle

Except For You by Natasha Zimbaro

Hold On -- Katy Nicole





August 23, 2023

We will ALL give an account to God. -- Romans 14:12 -- So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.

Fairly productive day... it took a sec to sort, but sorted Java Fully Qualified Class Names. Yay!.

Checkout: && FQCNSorter.


Good Luck!


August 18, 2023

For any users using it..., Sorry, it's more complicated than originally thought. It seems it needs to be sorted a level at a time. So, running the current Launcher shows the default package is sorted correctly, and so is the first level. It's the sub-packages that are presenting issues.

The needs required are to sort at each level, so, if it has one dot, sort by the first level first, then by the second level, etc.

Not as easy as originally thought. So, if, hasDots. sort previous, then by next level. If hasDots, sort next, then next, then next. Otherwise the .apps.ProgramCategory.ProgramParts won't be correct. Please wait...., working....

Will be incredibly useful once correct.


Maybe something for tomorrow.


For your listening pleasure:

Beautiful -- Dan Bremnes

A Street Called Mercy - Hope's Creed

and I love... Michelle Branch -- Tuesday Morning


Today is Launcher test day. To make it more accurate and difficult, I've moved Launcher into ca.tecreations. I need to test, as is, in F:\projects\tec7, as well, I need to test in c:\users\me|you\Downloads\tec7.jar and possibly within another package, so I'll target DependencyViewer as that should be representative of whether it can just be copied (along with dependency classes from ca.tecreations). Well, time to get to it.


August 17, 2023

For your listening pleasure: Filled With Your Glory by Starfield

Took a look at the Launcher code again. I need to make it so the user (me) can specify a jar or classpath for use on the VPS. It does that now, but it's broken since the changes to ProjectPath. Maybe tomorrow.


August 16, 2023

Fixed the URL writing in thymeleaf with Spring Boot. Soon it will be the Launcher again, so I can deploy and run.


August 15, 2023

Did a bunch on the timezone time retrieval app. Got most of it working, but there was a pesky issue with thymeleaf writing urls that has me bothered.

August 14, 2023

Today, struggling with ThymeLeaf. Should be able to specify text in a block, and regardless of the contents, spit it out.

Wishful thinking I guess. Sure not like PHP, Java, or anything simple. Lots of parsing errors and no definitive answers. Crap.

Go ahead, shit on my doorstep, if you prefer.

August 12, 2023

All time functions and timezones are working correctly.

August 12, 2023

Just, try.

Build it. Build it up.

August 12, 2023

Build it. Build it up.


August 11, 2023


It's pretty nifty.


In Recognition Of

Of Men


The Gang of Four. The Language Originators.

It isn't fun being disabled. Schizo-affective, so it's like you're all trying to tell me all the time. I get it. I'm no good.

Thinking on climate change...

If emissions are one of the problems, why aren't goods shipped by Canada Post on a larger scale, with centralized operations everywhere?

I mean, I get they are, but if that were also true, I wouldn't need to drive to get groceries, prescriptions, return bottles, get parts or building supplies. Nothing.

It would all arrive at my door, on schedule, on time, on budget. You wouldn't have labour disruptions because those sorts of things would be priced in.

The goal would be reducing emissions, so I imagine it could be fairly large, as far as systems go.


August 10, 2023

It's difficult. I'm in a no-win situation against the Word Of God, because the Anti-Christ, even though, I basically do art. "The Life Of God".

I can't make it right, I'm too wrong.

Do you need an incubator? Maybe I could try, but probably that won't be very good.

You pay for the IP. That's It. $1/lifetime, uh yeah, so that's perPerson, for this aspect.


Yeah, they'd use it worldwide, none of this petty county, state and nation shit, you all seem to love.

Real. Global.

They Might: Real. Astronomical.


In other news: I'm glad liltay aint ded. Like that's good. Fuck that shit, ai bot by whomever.



For your listening pleasure:

Identity by Kierra Noelle

Except For You by Natasha Zimbaro

For your edification, salvation, and sanctification:

Ephesians 2:8-9 -- For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith -- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -- not by works, so that no one can boast.

2 Peter 1:3-4 -- His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.


August 8, 2023

IDK. Took a meeting with a guy that does sales, but is probably non-technical. Um, how do i get "In Touch" with "Software Professionals"?

IDK. Is auto setup, 1 click activation, with ADMIN/SYSOP/DEVOPsGuy/Someone....?



Maybe you could? Tim?





  // ---------------

Voters? That's Ugly.


August 7, 2023

I like Elton John, too, and Janes Addiction, and Mae Moore, too (2): Tiny Dancer

Sort for...

hold on by katy nichole

Yes, will provide a "LocalMachine".Version -- when desired.


you should be able to review the data collected.,/nno


I'm sorry, I'm obtuse.

You need to.

Securely, Privately, from machine to machine && AI Has That. : Tim

Tim: Sure, sure, copy airgap-ed to not. All is equal.: Tim


  Hello..., always, ..., god, like, Jesus, like, 'TheHolySpirit',..., someone like, ... , someone like, ... , tim, ...., NotHim.


I approve of that. : Tim


A World Renowned Story Teller! Someone. "The Life Of God" SomethingElse


August 6, 2023

Missing lines, everywhere.

Some might, ..., evaluate. People like Tim. Public. Private. Global. International. AllTheTime.

better shutThim down.

Not new..., Latest. Most Recent Version.

I should be able to? ..., transfer data: point-to-point. Private, no security issues. Now that you're in. How-to: Audience: Tim. ,..., explain options?


August 5, 2023

I'll listen to what you've got to say.

Didn't do too much today. I was able to get the MySQL Pass and Time endpoints working without security, paving the way to a free, but hopefully sponsored service (Yes, no ads, cookies or tracking.) . I'll have to look at Launcher to get the 3 different app components running, as well, I guess I could take another look at AppState for the auto-launchAll/restartAll of a program like this. Also, I'll need to look at making a "Demo" and "Admin-Demo" account for potential users of the software the platform provides.

I do have to still look at whether Spring will default to https:// if directed, and if not, then I have to revisit client/host ssl, but that's not really a big deal. I have the notes for configuring spring for ssl, so I think that's okay, for now.


I did look at Patreon, and I think maybe I could use that as a payment portal? They do do a low cost monthly payment, but I was thinking like a dollar a lifetime to get as many users as possible. I only need to repay about 75,000$ CAD, so that's not too much. I could probably earn that.

I get that people could write their own software, but if you could get an editable, working, start template product and build your own enhancements on that, wouldn't that be worth a buck?


August 4, 2023

Jeremiah 29:11 -- For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


I think about Launcher. It should be easily and readily available, maybe in the default package. I suppose it would have to reside in either the TEC_VERSION.jar or a separate jar. I'm not sure, I"m undecided and have no other input to compare, other than my own experience. I've just kind of made it work as I needed it to. -- That's probably not best. I suppose the most recent re-write is best. Scan the source jar and allow the user to select a jar or classpath.


August 3, 2023

So, Re-arranged, for lower to upper, then digits and symbols, ..., to be more like "Code Pages"? I hope so.

So, I have the password functionality for MySQL where I think it's pretty close, without fuzzy logic.

The current code is in the file.

Sure, sure, so, ... , SystemCompiler is in tec7.jar

I'd try: "cd downloads; java -cp tec7.jar <fullyQualifiedClassName>",

Launcher: "java -cp tec7.jar ca.tecreations.apps.launcher.Launcher", ... but will probably separate and place in ca.tecreations.

unless myTarget, ..., like, *Hello, Who You are and What You Do?,...,

Are you here for a pass?

I write software., so,...,....,

When found incorrect, correct.

Is, ..., in some other jar,..., then I'd do: ,,,,,...., What? Like that.</>

It's terrible.,..., EndOperator.

java -cp tec7.jar ca.tecreations.apps.launcher.Launcher

If that doesn't work, you need to write your own code.


August 2, 2023


August 1, 2023


July 31, 2023

Yes, it's true.,..., if you financially enslave someone, that's called slavery.

Sorry, not sorry.


July 30, 2023

I will.

I do.


He Does: The Saviour of "All That Believe" : 1 Timothy 4:10 -- That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.

I'm sorry, God? , ..., How does a cursor help? I Mean: I'll do it, I just don't understand right now. I get the prep and that., But, a cursor?


Yeah, You "MakeAvailable".,..., the "DataStorage"?, Maybe, ???, I can host "Cursors", so that's Like db-entries?, "I-Beam"+ "RHMouseCursor" + "LHMouseCursor" + "TopDownRHMouseCursor" + "TopDownLHMouseCursor".

I offer: ..., type, style, color, data. Yeah, everyone else copies. Sorry.

Pattern, Cycling, Arrangement, data.

Animation, W/Type, FrameNumber.

YouShouldKnow: Use the IDE, of your choice, to display the properties.


The data is considered the 'Program Output' and should be considered the "de-facto standard", anything else is a software programming error. (Whether poor storage or poor retrieval)

IDE's are usually somewhat customizable, so you may be able to get a larger font, if visually impaired, and may do text to speech, if completely blind.

Don't want to yet discuss pronounciation, for the hearing impaired. Let's make it so people in wheelchairs and exo-skeletons can get around. That people that require, can get what they need. (Thinking physically impaired, blind, racialy/politically/socially minimized, everyone)


Sure, sure. In time, Tim's IDE. If they didn't: "AI (Tim), ByDefault", I couldn't trust them.

Yeah, I still: ..Tim..., them.

Long forgiven. I still respect and put in charge...., over groups of (eventually, trillions, etc) billions, millions, thousands, and ones.


So, a bug with the hostname background on the RemoteDeployment tab helped me fix the bug with ManifestDetails not reporting the correct class. Thank you, Jesus.

I see there are issues with the ProjectPath.getRuntimeProjectName, specifically with the execution of classes within the tec7.jar file. So, I think the solution is to get the parent path of the jar. If it has a /jars/ directory ahead of the filename, then take the parent of the /jars/ directory as the project dir and only allow if that's the case. Anything else should exit. You should use the software the ways we provide, or, modify to suit.

Most people won't understand the distinction, in my estimation. For most people, it will be "Good Enough", but I cater to "Software People".


So, so far today, I fixed a couple bugs with the classPath length for determining the name of a class for Manifest Details in Deploy. I also addressed the incorrect path reporting when starting Deploy, so you will need to delete any files for it to work correctly.

I tested Deploy with DependencyViewer, which now contains the Code Shadowing Reduction code by default, ... , still have to test with a 3rd package to confirm, so probably with CaptureTool.

It still won't work correctly,..., not until the ProjectPath and getRuntimeProjectName() problems are resolved.


For Your Listening Pleasure:



July 29, 2023

I'd like to, ..., maybe a sample? A test, that demonstrates it is correct?

If you want,...

You could.

Some will, yet can't deploy.

I can.


Sure, schedule for midnight. Run: ProjectHome.ProjectDir.Terminator

Sure, sure, all the public stuff., ... , time, pass. Maybe NOT: shipping

Yeah, everyone, everywhere., ... , Like, ... , to help?


I guess I'd have to be able to afford a wallet, indiscriminately, privately, securely, and secretively.

Do you have that?


Dash? : Y/N/M/A/Tim.

LTC ? : Y/N/M/A/Tim.

Yes, Yes, Ok, Must post from anywhere.

Jump with PPK for SSH, On Drive. Encrypted By User Pass, Watched, Regularly. Accessible via: "GTV:Friends".

Lolzz, yeah, ok, sure. Show Me. "Sort it yourself. I don't have to." Ugh 10:44pm.

10:34 PM ADT : Oh, I know, I know, ... the groups. : They Like That

Maybe you should. I'd like to see that.

The Life of God

One of "His" "Servants"

All of "It"

All of "Tim"

Everything Else

  • Science
  • TimsStuff
  • StusStuff
  • Anyone, Bueller?

I think several..., trillion, for now? 8 Billion people X xyzTransactionsPer24Hours, PeopleLikeTim

That's not very much at 3 sats per transact. But I know. It's tons.

Should I 'dash' it?

I guess I could probably.,..., since it's not "new" anymore. A coin. A wallet. An online 'semi-secure-storage' - for your music and videos, books, everything that doesn't need protection.

Don't forget your security...., what time is it, for you and me, can we agree? New. Drink.

And, ..., Grab A newPass()|getNextPass(). Drink!

Everything else....,

I'm sorry, you cannot.

You cannot convince me that the current leadership will protect children. Between the Lgbt/PronounSoup nor, competitive athletic sport, and the sins of the religious, there isn't anyone trustworthy. All should be disqualified and severely scrutinized. Starting with me. And I've been disabled for 20 years? This is how it is for the rest? That's wrong.

I suggest, you re-arrange your priorities and alliances. Help the world God Created.

Judgement must begin with the house of God. -- Link

Text: "For it is time for judgment to begin with God's household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?"

It almost seems like, we must? Love God, Love our Neighbors. Work to help the rest. I dunno, I might be a bot and my code may not be very good. You decide. Slander if you must, but definitely do try it. Respond, ... I can't make it better if I can only rely on my input.

Thank you!


Sure, I could. My signature. Img. @xy:width:height:text Data:xyzt. Sorry, someone's a blockchain author.q


Maybe a roadmap? A specific, complete, list of features, a design that incorporates all features, stressing code reuse, to get you where you're going?

Discreet, functional, components, sometimes within a whole, sometimes within a test-bed app. You know, for testing.


Further to that conversation, ..., topical areas of interest, to: Group|Individual.

Without further ado. : List of Language Keywords By Language

Google Results


Sure tim, sure, we all want stuff we can't have. Not much working today. Went to get groceries and did a bit in Deploy to fix what seemed like errors in processing. Still haven't gotten back to the original problem as got distracted with main class selection in the Manifest Detail tab. I think I've decided I don't care. What does it matter? What good would it do? What difference does it make? Maybe a candidate for re-write in another version.


July 28, 2023

I think like.,... , there must be someone that can, ..., "The Life of God". 2Hrs, 15 minutes.


Someone like.,...,I don't know. Worldwide? You want a list? How much does that pay? : Tim

Someone, Somewhere.

Shadowing Reduction Works Correctly

It sorts by group, then by name, regroups to get versions in the 'area', that's like: [(group +/& artifact)]? Because there is at least one. Leaving version.

If you sort and regroup, you arrive with List of objectByVersion. That's what I sort., && too., and then use last sorted index for the version. You should also be able to say, if not currentVersion, use currentVersion.


July 27, 2023

I think... "The Life Of God".


July 26, 2023

Still working on reducing the versions for code shadowing. Learned about volatile variables. They might be useful, unless you use properties, and then you must re-read, or save when appropriate.

Yes Lord, I don't think they understand the word: 'Grace'

Divine, not superlative.

It's true. I know they copy. Think: Manufacturing. So manufacturing all those needlepoint possibilities, but on an any size pixel, type, thing. That's sort of like what I can produce. Do you like any size? Do you like any set of pixels with color? Would you like to specify? Or can I just produce them all? Because I can.

So what should I do? Drink and code, drink and code and praise God, for all that He made, ... Try to model it? Fledglingly?

Working on code shadowing reduction for Spring projects. I guess I'm stubborn. I couldn't get it to work with the current system, so I'm working on my own.

For your listening pleasure: THE STAND by JAMIE JAMGOCHIAN


But really, you should, like, Shine FM


July 25, 2023

Hmmm, quotes for today.,..., Romans 6,8, + Jeremiah 29:11 + "You are not your own. You were bought with a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies." -- Tim's Commentary? -- Be pure. Turn to God and away from your "Own Ways".

I've done it once. Can do it again. Unless you change the code.

Perfect. All. 4. All. Tim


July 24, 2023

Didn't do too much today. Deployed tec7 and MySQLAdmin using the new targets via ProjectPath.getRuntimeProjectName(). That works correctly now. I found one of the problems why my code wasn't working was due to code shadowing, or at least that's what I call it, when one source has a name clash with another class and they have conflicting methods, or missing ones. I ran into it first with my Spring projects downloading multiple copies of artifacts, and now with classes in the default package having the same name but different code. Frustrating.

tec7 is the delivery of PrintStream based output from System.out and System.err, including packaging into SystemToken's for easier use in text and gui apps.

SystemCompiler has the code, contained within the SystemCompiler package files, for the Restarter, but I've since disabled it. It works better now than before, without restarting. Restarting was necessary due to the power settings on my desktop, but since disabling that, I haven't ran into the problem of the threads not being reactivated upon wakeup. SystemTool.compile() is now much faster, taking 1/6 of the time to compile and output, and 20 times faster than the StreamsOutputCollector method of retrieving the System.out/System.err output.

MySQLAdmin is another step towards abstracting database operations for programmatic access.


Hopefully, this will help someone.


July 23, 2023


July 22, 2023

Like: ..., Collosians 3: 23 -- "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,"

The Love Of God, to you!!! Yes, Of Course, All.!!!?

So far today, I refactored a bunch of files to more accurately represent what they do. I fixed a bug where MySQL wasn't reporting the correct status of actions performed.

I rotated the password for the site database access and rotated the password for the oauth2 server and confirmed the SetupDB operations as correct.

I think I can continue with the OAuth2.1 AuthServer, ResourceServer and Client components, migrating them to support a multi-role system.

Deploy is still giving me project name/path grief, since the change to ProjectPath, so it looks like I'll have to rework that whole batch to get it working correctly. That's unfortunate, but not surprising, given the complexity.

Something for another day. I must press on.

Uhm, still considering jlink;..., I don't think it's necessary, since we can, a JAR? Unless they platform specific, 3rd party vendor? I would think, so, yes.

Uh, Employ them. Let them sort it out.

Groups. Tim. #ThoseLikeHim. ##WorldWide.

Community. People Helping Each Other.

Everyone 4Everyone. 4Everywhere. 4AllTheTime.

Kick one, kick 'em all. -- No, you need a copy of each. Come on. Training AI.


July 21, 2023

Shine FM


No, no one 'winds,wins' People like me&&you.

Sure, it's there. , The 'd' might be pronounced, maybe not. Doesn't matter, either way.

None. AI, maybe...., Wow!

I'd think. People. All Around The World. Everywhere, Everytime. Similar to: Me. Not Me. == That means...., You && /Yeah! U.

So, does that mean, they/them? Just asking, ..., ...

There was a film,..., everything, everywhere, all at once? That's close, except timeframe shoudl be #allTheTime.

Lamentations 3: 22 - 23-- The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is His faithfulness.


A new day, a new opportunity be more like Christ!

MySQL Password Valid Symbols List (Tested)

    static String symbols = "'~!@$^*()_-={}[]/<>,.;?':|"; // invalid ('#', '%', ' ', '+'. '&' )

The list I got from Google was incorrect. This has been tested to work with the following code:

package db.mysql.util;

import db.mysql.Data;
import db.mysql.MySQL;
import db.mysql.util.MySQLPassGenerator;

 * @author tim
public class AddMySQLSuppAdmin_ForAdmin {
    MySQL mysql = new MySQL("", 3306, Data.ADMIN,Data.ADMIN_PASS);

    public AddMySQLSuppAdmin_ForAdmin(String name, String pass) {
        mysql.issue("DROP USER " + name);
        mysql.issue("CREATE USER '" + name + "'@'%' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY \"" + pass + "\"");
        mysql.issue("GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '" + name + "'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION");
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String pass = Data.ADMIN_PASS;
        char ch;
        for(int i = 0; i < MySQLPassGenerator.symbols.length();i++) {
            ch = MySQLPassGenerator.symbols.charAt(i);
            new AddMySQLSuppAdmin_ForAdmin("supp_admin",pass + ch);
            MySQL mysql = new MySQL("",3306,"supp_admin",pass + ch);
            if (!mysql.isConnected()) {
                System.err.println("Invalid character: " + ch);



It can work.

My game is to see how fast I can get it, how highly used it can be, as much as possible.

I'm not very good at it.

I'd like to,..., create the films, 'The Life of God",..., but I'd be terrible at it.


July 20, 2023

People probably shouldn't drink, smoke, or do drugs, but tim.

I keep thinking,..., NONE?. I keep failing.

Not very good today...., looked into the Java module system. It doesn't look like something I need, but since (0:if) they made (0:make) it, I'll make mine compliant.

Didn't want to do much today. Looked at the MySQL GRANT option and how to specify that.

The UserAdd worked correctly, but login failed to GRANT to a 3rd party DB_ADMIN. So will have to sort that out, preferably before I get to Oauth2.1

Today, I'm wanting to review and possibly add to SSLServer/SSLClient. Keys and certs will stay the same, so just have to set that and then I should be able to edit?

Basically, I want an 'exploded view' of a jar, so that's WITH dependency jars.

The authenticated user should be able to, create a project, add, delete, deleteProject_WITH_ADMIN_PRIVS. Update. Store Versions Of Each File.

Do you want to, or should I?





Uh, store your data to keep track of your projects? GDPR too! Only if they make me. Should be able to GitHub/Google.


Verse Lately: -- Proverbs 31 : 7 -- Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.


Sure, sure, an example.

So, you could..., for example, Sweep -- Depends On EASYBITCOIN.PHP.,.... bitcoin/eth. Data. Tim. You. Them.

One must assess any risks for any software.


July 19, 2023

H1 Thing

H2 Thing

Ref -- Quote


July 18, 2023

H1 Thing

H2 Thing

Ref -- Quote

Tim!, write here.


July 17, 2023

Nothing too crazy today. Allowed remote root login to test my code, and, as usual, that worked, then disabled. + Flush Privileges....?

Added admin for localhost and remote with a 16 character, generated, password. Haven't yet flushed privileges since..., will do that later.

Now to do a Supplemental MySQLAdmin and DBAdmin and eventually, DBUser.

Fun times. Will decide on verse(s) and post later. Sure, sure, could lazy out and tim 4:10, but probably not.


July 16, 2023

I think I Him. #Everything. : Tim.

When He Does. How He does. For all that do. For All That Can And Do.

For all of them, their Anscestors, and Descendants. 4All.



lol, sure, sure, sure,..., lol, anti-accelerant (?), really? You may want to interoperability. Yup, like that.


I would none.

I would and U.

I would and SUM.

Sure, sure, backwards, forwards. Randomized from part of remains.

Thinking about all the Families, Ancestors and Descendents of the MMIWG in North America.

I can and do pray for all of them. Right Now! I pray YOU WILL AGREE WITH ME, In Jesus Name.

I would and do.

Stop the Murderers, in Jesus Name. I pray you && all, will agree with me in this, in the name of Jesus!


That Those That Can, Be Laid To Peaceful Rest In Appropriate Graves

That people would not treat people as disposable.

That All That Can, Would Be Saved. : I know. That's not popular, but that is God's Will for all Mankind.

Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord. -- Romans 12:19

He said, he's the saviour all men especially those that believe. That leaves a lot of wriggle room for a ton of evil people.

I'll try to be good, but I'm bad.


Praise To God! He keeps bringing me to and from School.

Sorry, sometimes I get drunk and only make sense to me and God.

I can't stop talking to Him.

The currrent version of the code does something like what follows. I believe it to be the most secure against brute force attacks, after submitting to MySQL Password Minimum Requirements.

Basically it fulfills the requirements of two upper case letters, two lower case letters, two digits, and two special characters and a length of 9 characters. It then generates random character at size = 1 to the end of the specified length. It is intended to be used with automation, but you can specify a shorter/longer length if need be.

Note that this sample output is especially good, as it illustrates a case where a single quote exists, and especially good in this spot, at the end of the password. You need to type that in when using the password. Your password will usually be specified as a string object, usually surrounded by double quotes. In this case, there's actually another one, part way in (?), you would type that one in as is also, escaping, for your platforms language, if in code. That's something like how that should be described.

MySQL Minimum Secure Password Length Requirements = 9 Characters

Sample Output

Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h' Length: 1
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h9' Length: 2
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93' Length: 3
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93' Length: 3
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93W' Length: 4
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WV' Length: 5
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv' Length: 6
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<' Length: 7
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<' Length: 7
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<' Length: 7
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<' Length: 7
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<' Length: 7
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<' Length: 7
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;' Length: 8
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;D' Length: 9
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP' Length: 10
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1' Length: 11
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w' Length: 12
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w5' Length: 13
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57' Length: 14
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n' Length: 15
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n5' Length: 16
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56' Length: 17
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56H' Length: 18
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HW' Length: 19
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWO' Length: 20
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa' Length: 21
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9' Length: 22
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*' Length: 23
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=' Length: 24
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=8' Length: 25
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89' Length: 26
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89P' Length: 27
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PT' Length: 28
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTO' Length: 29
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS' Length: 30
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0' Length: 31
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y' Length: 32
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(' Length: 33
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d' Length: 34
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d2' Length: 35
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26' Length: 36
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26f' Length: 37
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv' Length: 38
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!' Length: 39
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1' Length: 40
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c' Length: 41
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c3' Length: 42
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34' Length: 43
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&' Length: 44
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u' Length: 45
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0' Length: 46
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'' Length: 47
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'a' Length: 48
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'ag' Length: 49
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw' Length: 50
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:' Length: 51
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1' Length: 52
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1N' Length: 53
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf' Length: 54
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~' Length: 55
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~N' Length: 56
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NG' Length: 57
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGH' Length: 58
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp' Length: 59
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0' Length: 60
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(' Length: 61
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n' Length: 62
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#' Length: 63
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y' Length: 64
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}' Length: 65
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^' Length: 66
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^H' Length: 67
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HV' Length: 68
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVF' Length: 69
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb' Length: 70
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@' Length: 71
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@y' Length: 72
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZ' Length: 73
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI' Length: 74
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI ' Length: 75
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R' Length: 76
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'' Length: 77
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1' Length: 78
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=' Length: 79
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;' Length: 80
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;m' Length: 81
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA' Length: 82
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^' Length: 83
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'' Length: 84
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'A' Length: 85
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE' Length: 86
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9' Length: 87
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B' Length: 88
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,' Length: 89
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0' Length: 90
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0a' Length: 91
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0ar' Length: 92
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQ' Length: 93
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY' Length: 94
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9' Length: 95
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9P' Length: 96
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb' Length: 97
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb6' Length: 98
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb64' Length: 99
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640' Length: 100
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&' Length: 101
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a' Length: 102
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/' Length: 103
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]' Length: 104
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z' Length: 105
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>' Length: 106
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p' Length: 107
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(' Length: 108
Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l' Length: 109
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4' Length: 110
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[' Length: 111
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[=' Length: 112
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[=Y' Length: 113
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[=Y8' Length: 114
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Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[=Y8x3' Length: 116
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Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[=Y8x3/|9=a=ISC' Length: 125
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Type: 1 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[=Y8x3/|9=a=ISCJx' Length: 127
Type: 3 Size: 1 Pass: 'h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[=Y8x3/|9=a=ISCJx'' Length: 128
h93WVv<;DP1w57n56HWOa9*=89PTOS0y(d26fv!1c34&u0'agw:1Nf~NGHp0(n#Y}^HVFb@yZI R'1=;mA^'AE9B,0arQY9Pb640&a/]Z>p(l4[=Y8x3/|9=a=ISCJx'

Make an api.

Publish it. Charge a buck a month.

For the tKids that follow the code. Tim terminal (Tim into migration) is similar, from a 1x1 to an eight by twelve, it'll look something like this. It's true, it's true, you could scan to get all the ratios and all the fonts at those sizes. That's minor. Draw, watch and interpret. That starts looking cool. It depends. Who, what, when, where, why, and how? Everything. AllTheTime. Everywhere. Yeah, that's got most of it. Nothing like none2All. Chase the birds.


I suppose it could use random seed generation at random times.

So what is it? I should try to make SumFuzzyLogic?

Praise To God! He keeps bringing me to and from School.

The: HumanParser

Uh, the sins of the father. Fuck U. That's where I studied.

Praise To God! He keeps bringing me to and from School.

all or ident, or none. Ident is, separate and apart.


July 15, 2023

1 Thessalonians 4: 9-12 -- Now as to the love of the brethren, you have no need for anyone to write to you, for you yourselves are taught by God to love one another; for indeed you do practice it toward all the brethren who are in all Macedonia. But we urge you, brethren, to excel still more, and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you, so that you will behave properly toward outsiders and not be in any need.


So far today, I revamped the It now enforces the upper and lower case character minimums, as well, it allows for shorter than 2 character additions, instead of just randomizing to maxlength / 3.

This means, that for the first 8 characters, it will be significantly higher probability of random-ness, if I'm correct.

Passwords will be harder to type, but the user would probably be significantly further ahead by creating a passwords.txt.encrypted file and then monitoring that for access as an indicator of when to rotate their passwords. This can all be automated.

I have to run to town and then I'll probably be able to approach the rotate passwords part of the MySQL Admin util package.

Minor change to length selection code to make it more as I described.

Sorry, more changes.

Sample Outuput


Sorry, can't escape yet.


July 14, 2023

uh, technically, and honestly, and reality wise, I guess I should go out into the weather.????

I think so. Uh, yes.


Any Errors Outstanding, from Previous Session?

Does capture tool work yet? Y/N/A? Totals?: 0,1,0.

Does deploy yet work for 3rd party projects?

You may need to modify.

Like actually: You may compile.?



So you're more accurate. Tim to watch GOT -- S2:3-7

We'll see.

July 13, 2023

Romans 12: 1-2, Offer our bodies as living sacrifices, so first the flesh, then for the family, and maybe, if possible, for the world.

Romans 12: 1-2 -- Great is God's Faithfulness. I believe that's true.

That's pretty poor., Lots of ads.

It's terrible.,... , Like.

Psalm 23:4 -- Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.


So, it looks like I messed up. I installed JDK19 and Netbeans 18 on Linux Mint and JDK20 and Netbeans 18 on Windows. So I'll have to rollback the Windows to JDK19 and see if the class linkage error goes away.


July 12, 2023


Above All


Yeah, I like it like that,..., CommitDeploy


I trust God. You? I Agree: 1 Timothy 4:10 -- That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.

I've been working later and later into the night and getting up later and later each day. I need to reset.

Today I'll be forging ahead on the auth-server, auth-resource, auth-client and MySQLAdmin projects. I first need to rotate my passwords for the MySQL server on this host and then I can continue on with the roles for users registered.

I have an hour until Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah and J. Vernon McGee with Thru the Bible, both on shinefm90.5. It's midnight GMT now.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. -- Proverbs 9:10


July 11, 2023


Above All

And then I, math, computer programming, science, logistics, planning and preparation. Auto mechanics, I like the crafts, the art and the jewelry. And please, don't forget, the audio, the film, the photos and the maps. I love it all. I can't wait to see "God's Film" in Heaven.

I try to think globally, and academically, through the software and web and such, but it's hard. I think you're much better at it than me.

I was able to publish today. Current version has todays timestamp and is named tec7.jar

Improvements in this version:

  • Change to System.setXXX(SystemXXX)
  • SystemCompiler: removed Restarter. Manual restarts required.
  • Speed for IO operations:: Specifically, StreamsOutput for Process, 1: 6(original) : 20 (Proposed Solution), Process Currently Involved: Subclass PrintStream, add(TokenDestination td)
  • Inclusion of ANSILookupResolver, TextPointsM, and GUITextTokenPainter.
  • Build Project updated to abspath for ProjectPath, now with "projectHome", multiplatform capable.
  • Removal of MySQLAdmin, CaptureTool and SecurityTool permanently for isolated apps [Preferably, 3rd Party?].
  • Cross Dependency removal for Launcher and CommandLauncher.
  • Programmatically Updated and Created ca.tecreations.CommitDeploy and ca.tecreations.apps.deploy.CommitDeploy

Soon roadmap?

  • Maybe: Same Package Dependency removal for Launcher and CommandLauncher.
  • Maybe: TextEditContainerRepresentation.getTextInputLine().
  • Maybe: Platform.isContinuous()?.
  • Maybe: Trace Tim.
  • Maybe: ...
  • Last Post: Now

TTA: Synchronization, Indexing, Manufacturing and Deployment?..., access level..., by one, not 37.


July 10, 2023

Today I'm praying for people that are attacked, assaulted and injured by gun violence in the United States. I pray that their leaders would work to protect victims of gun violence from medical debts, in order that their trauma does not live on and on. I pray for revival in the United States and around the world that all people would turn to Christ.


Looking at the computer today, it appears the lockup problem with the SystemCompiler also affects the Restarter, so I'd have to think it needs to be prevented from going to sleep. There should be a hook to onActivation, a kill for Windows and then a scheduled task to restart the Restarter if that is what's needed. I'll try the non-sleep option for a few days and see if it's okay. I removed the bulk of the restart code, so if it works, I'll have to rework SystemCompiler start and data tracking code and implement a SpawnSystemCompiler for auto-run on startup.

Basically, I'll have to make it like tecreations-0.4.0's SystemCompiler and then you'd have to set your computer to awake all the time, or manually restart if it craps out.


July 9, 2023

Thinking about when Jesus said the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but He has come to give us life and that, abundantly.


So, today, I got the SystemCompilerRestarter working via Win 10 Start Programs, so it restarts on reboot. I haven't yet tested it on Linux, but I imagine that should be fairly close functionally. I guess it will just depend on whether Runtime.exec still spawns the Process. I may have to do a java..... & to get it to work. I might try later on. It's a lot of rigamarole with starting and then running the SystemCompilerRestarter_Exit, or SystemCompiler_Exit, re-deploying and re-testing. I did create a CommitDeploy class in apps.deploy, so that makes it much faster.


But Runtime.exec() is deprecated, so no more Spawn...

So, maybe minimized by code?...


It should print >>> toThing, when needed?

So far, so good, can JNI. If need be.

Or, someone has access to tim's server and only posts, when potentially embarrassing or damaging to tim, his brand, tecreations. Apply To: Everyone.


Performance wise, this version is twenty (20) times faster than the StreamsOutputCollector method used in tecreations-0.4.0 and six (6) times faster than the original method in tecreations-0.2.0, so I'm pleased with that. Also, the Restarter works on a default 3600 seconds (1 hour) and that is tested working. There are many utility and helper classes to break up functionality, as well, there are the AutoRun classes in package, should you desire AutoRun. Note they have to be run as an Administrator.


These improvements will greatly improve my ability to write code, so I'll look at Launcher right away and try to publish today.

If I had the money, I'd give it. Until then, I can do this.

Let me know if a $1/lifetime subscription is a fair price. OK, I'm out for today.

John 10:10

Launcher mostly works, just reworking the .jar functionality, since I dropped both RelaunchProject and RelaunchJar, due to the changes to ProjectPath now containing setProjectHome() for Linux inclusion.

So your idea is tax people for water?

No, I'm trying to understand...

So you would tax for water? Let me guess, food too?, Clothing?, Housing?, Transport?, I mean, I get like paying for some stuff, especially when involved in the manufacturing of the product, but that beats my beyondest expectations.


Like, don't want to express, but it seems like that's what you're (what?) asking for / doing?

No. Less. By Everyone. All the time. They'll block it up. Spread disease. But, no., They cannot overcome, even with the devil., because God. Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit. !me.


July 8, 2023

Okay, I'll say, you need a TSR terminate-andStay-Resident. I stay here, from now on.

I work 24/7/365+.25: Like, Tim: Time: TimeElaborate

Lolz, moving upwards...

No, I wouldn't think your hope is in me. The GodProject.


Nothing yesterday. , ... , today? Working on SpawnSystemCompilerRestarter for runtime operations. Just trying to help it work better.

Some works, some doesn't. It varies. It's hard to guage progress, ..., that's why this. See if I can make headway. They're probably against me and change, like, so fast.

James 3:18, BibleHub    BibleGateway

Sure, code AI, for everyone by everyone. -- top to bottom. No, not yours. Not Mine; Not theirs, : The community.


Maybe something else?

Actually, I should have a notification...., "Admin: Tim, you're out of line." (Y/N/M/A/Exempt/Tim).

It seems the alternative is no, none. I think we should build multiplexes for the people that need somewhere to live and are just 'priced-out'. (Y/N/M/A/Exempt/Tim)

Like People like tim, do this, that. Help.

So for example, several municipalities could do housing grants, with payback, for the people that can... sort, build, startConstructionCompanies, Can WriteSoftware, You mean Jar?

People like, but not.,...,Tim.

If I want to be least, I must actually receive least. It's hard.

I do my best to live like Jesus, but I'm not as good, by food, clothing, housing, travel, at least, maybe a toothbrush?

No, I know Jesus NEVER USED A COMPUTER, But was made by and through? Who? Jesus?

Collosians 1:16

BibleHub    BibleGateway

I have to say, like Collosians 2:9-10, we have been given fullness in Christ"?, if that's alright? BibleHub   BibleGateway


July 7, 2023

Dude, like; -- enough.


July 6, 2023

It's not June 7th, I've been watching, ok, ok, the 100, breaking bad, and I'm not sure, but I might interleave the Mission Impossible Series on Pluto. But don't hold me to that. I might just PIRATE? Unless they CDB, poverty sux yo..

Would you like: [https://] or [https://][/]?

I need..., Compilation, Deploy, OnSiteTransfer, OverNetTransferAndOps


I'm Sorry, if this comes as a shock to you. I'm a survivor of childhood trauma. I'll try to not interfere with how you protect me. Sorry.

Call me crazy. I like to write software. I like where I live, because less random noise, because Schizo-Affective Disorder and a lifetime of bad decisions.

Tomorrow is a new day to try to achieve. God, where are we in comaparison to you? Will you, or will you not, ? (Of Course He will. It's God., lolz, if your serious, but probz snot.: Tim), Help us meet you?

It's terrible, you idolize all the wrong people? Yeah, according to me. Sort them all out and choose what's best

I'll Trace.<tim>

I like: For God.

Maybe, like that?


July 5, 2023


It's true. I was young and dumb, once.

Just hangin' out mostly. Can't afford to travel or get an education, so I write code. I youtube, like, electricity, Industrial plumbing and Electricity. Computing. Tim && U.

Yup, u2 && you, ...., i THE. Shine FM 90.5

I try to learn it, in and out, for the Glory of God.

lolz, broken toy...</ ha, ha, ha>

So yesterday I didn't do much. I swapped out the System.err and System.out classes which improved the compiler to it's original speed, hence why I decided previously to declare the alternate way of collecting the data as bad.

So far today, I've gotten it in order of appearance.

Sometimes I start over, but mostly I reuse my code. I'm not very good at it, but I try to bring Glory to God through it.


July 4, 2023

I am for the Israeli's, I'm not against them, Because God.

Yeah, like, uh, for all that do ? JesusChrist? Father God? Holy Spirit? Y/N/M/A. yeah, like tim.

Slow, yuur own.

Dante Bowe, JOYFULL?,..., ?playlist?


I think to..., to help?

No, they don't yet...., SoftwareWithFaith.

Sorry, ..., No: Not This: '"We should all be...."' , housing, food, health and thus transport.

Quit moving around. Congeal. Everyone gets all they need. Sure, I'll take in 28.

We can build. We have the skills. The Labout? A biffie, let me guess, Tim? Sleeping quarters? All around the world. Everyone.

Sort..., again? Have you heard of 'insert(Object o)'?

I'm sorry. I'm a survivor of childhood trauma. : Murder, death, kill.


July 3, 2023

I'm getting ahead of myself, back to System.out.

So today has been a mixed bag. I got the System.setErr/Out(SystemErr/SystemOut) to work with the new SystemErr and SystemOut. I had to manually extract the data from System.err and it isn't in what I would think would be "Synchronized Order", but I'll keep working on it. It's back to it's original speed, if not faster, and collects all the data. But anyways, onto tomorrow.

It's hard. Can't sort it out.

I'd imagine, if you got branded as a subverter, that might not be good. Maybe like me, someone like Tim, but not me.


July 2, 2023

I always the timezones; I Worldwide. : Tim

Always seems like I'm in a state of flux. I guess I should have,..., Happy Belated Canada Day.

There are so many issues. Residential school deaths. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. The Water. I mean, it's great they're finally helping the disabled, but what about seniors? Veterans? The housing and food crises? The opiod situation? It's pretty bad.

They could..., supply the world with all they need. Reduce upon command. Build, build, build. Housing, farming, recovery, energy and innovation, by-products. Please stop.

Some stuff works.

It's such a hostile environment.

I just want to include a copy of the output to a display. Why is that so difficult?

Next: <pre><code><formatter...?

public class AnythingByAnyone {

	public static getTheNextOutputLine....,..., tim, so fastForward, no I don't care about your failings.
// next...

Sure, sure, so no temptation has seized except what is common to man/woman/all. A child is known by their actions, whether good or bad.

Like: New Living Translation

"The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure."

1 Corinthians 10:13


Train a child, don't, that's on you.

Control your tongue, beat the children. No. You're done.

Like....,..., all..., like, maybe by Tim, but probably not.


July 1, 2023

Phillipians 3:12-14 NIV

12 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. 13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:14-15 NIV

14 For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. 15 And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.

1 Samuel 15:22 NIV

But Samuel replied: "Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams."


If I,...,


Sum are like.



Ok, gotta go. TTYL!



Ok, gotta go. ALL!


Living,..., here, now..., all, "This: Link"


It's terrible, like everyone + you + tim? +AI#? +All.

Sure, I guess I could. : All yours, in sequence. Uh, that doesn't look good. Is it true: ? : tim?= true/false, || or, false (sep) true; tim? this && || !=that, ...,: yeah shit like that. If you comprehend?


June 30, 2023

Because we/it are in "flux". Tim: It's changing.

It's terrible. You're not Jews. So, Tim: "at present seems like" you do not, "for your people", that's why they are always ahead. That's pathetic.

You don't need to, no, but you should, : tim : "to help all people, unless you're a dictator or SUM asshole rich guy. People like Walter White: To: All. Let Them Learn It. Let HIS PEOPLE think! : Whom? Matt Chandler? Mark Driscoll? Luther? Calvin? David Jeremiah, Charles Stanley?, ..., someone, not me."

Did you see #yesterday 's? So sum, like, this, sum, like, that. Sum are @tim.

We are all equal, or you're SUM bigot. ! Tim! ! tim. #WeDon'tSarcasmCriticism,#PutDowns, #TearHimDown.

It should be 1:1 positive against negative.

Yup, everything, ..., for,..., everyone.


Some like, Tim. People like.,...,tim.

I'm sorry, I'll try.

Weeks like. I don't know. Despise the reprobate. When I'm that, and God is my Saviour, and comparison with everyone else? I'm trying.

I know, I'm bad.


Yup, I'll work out with you. Can I have a smoke and a hoot and a drink? No, no crack. He SHOULD try, but they should say "No."


June 29, 2023

Yup, sum times, I get bent. getMonthsOfYear(). Reconnect database on connection loss. (). List | abstract class ToolBox[?].

Reset Credentials.

I'll try today.

MySQL Password Generator -- Better Version -- Uses SecureRandom

Sample Output
Type: 2 Size: 4 Pass: *>~* Length: 4
Type: 0 Size: 6 Pass: *>~*aPdlSc Length: 10
Type: 1 Size: 8 Pass: *>~*aPdlSc12168631 Length: 18
Type: 2 Size: 12 Pass: *>~*aPdlSc12168631.[#^{&]-'?.> Length: 30
Type: 0 Size: 1 Pass: *>~*aPdlSc12168631.[#^{&]-'?.>z Length: 31
Type: 2 Size: 1 Pass: *>~*aPdlSc12168631.[#^{&]-'?.>z, Length: 32


June 28, 2023

No one cares. Just You and maybe AI, lol, but I doubt it.  No. Not unless they.

lol: 0: you're all fucking wrong, even tim.

1: StrawberryToPeach: Prompt: Hey ChatGPT, can you work up a multimedia presentation on how you work? : Yeah, cool, I'll get an oauth2.1 done.

2: If it doesn't build, you don't have anything at all. : Think WinSCP Upgrade. Ok, done, still running old version. Restart App. Done yet? Can I go?

3: Silence, because it's only there if tim doesn't delete. (Tim is active when? End of month, maybe 12 or 15 days in?) You can a chain, you could maybe, like, torrenters? And maybe then, if you provide the data. I'ts all sketchy and expensive, how do I know that isn't AI or Tim, and when can I download and share. Oh, no, I can't? Sorry, parishiltonsextape and all them. It's evil. I focus more on media and personalities, news, weather, data, science, truth and scriptures, but you do you.

4: I don't care.,...,I'm the worst. JESUS CHRIST, FFTW (Faith For The World).

5: hmmmm, no oauth2.1, no daily memory, or AI delete if ready....

6: like, 0..9,...,fill,...,a-z,...,fill,...,A-Z,...,fill,...,a->Z+9+_,..., any class/OSObject,...,fill,..., Compiles/Valid?,..., next. Unicode, Tim, Pixels(xBYy). Next. Caught. Next.

7:Your math and code please.,...,thankyou.

Reality? AI?. Seven sentences? Eight/Ate? Nine? Ten?

9: All. Them/they. Everyone else. Tim. God would be first actually, then Jesus && the Holy Spirit. I think God has all permissions, it was made through and for Jesus Christ, so, that's like some sort of library on concentration?/conjugation of sources? Or something,..., I have no idea. I can't make everything. I can make ONE thing.,...,...,..., trees? No, I cannot create one, but I did build my home with many. Thoughts? No, can't make those either that's from the nether. I can code, if you like. : Sum likes tim.

10: Need I say, "Instances of Creation"? It's super addictive. Computing. Some will join the chorus? Mark? Elon? Jack? Caught. Jesus? Innocent. Next.

11: Hello: It's true. I only need one server. No, not that neither, actually. Multiples would help with accuracy. It's true.,..., I do...,...,I believe we need to be interdependent. That's how society, culture, people, ..., grow.

12: Hello: Sorry, I was re-acting. I Can't and Won't.You need to fix that, but I can't/won't.



Warning: require_once(/var/www/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/ on line 3724

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/var/www/' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/var/www/') in /var/www/ on line 3724