Task Ayes Nayes Abstained Remaining Date Added Status
verify user account registration process tecreations.ca000112021-03-08Pending
new circle tecreations.jar000112021-03-08Pending
Ain't that right? I'm sitting on it000112021-03-28Pending
So sort.next. Next, ur up.000112021-03-28Pending
Everything. Everywhere. Throughout , all of time. Tim. Next and next. And what else? Oh. Your politics. Ok and next and next.000112021-03-28Pending
Rhohingas, the two michaels. The Yemenis. Who else? Jan and carol and cathy. @jack. @twitter, @dthompsondev. Next. Next. Next. Techgirl1908! ?? No? Next.next.000112021-03-28Pending
Sort them out @who #what r/noonecares and u/fucku000112021-03-28Pending
yeah ok, thanks for your input000112021-04-01Pending
interface with java decompiler for auto-jar-extraction w/assets000112021-04-01Pending
interface jedit text frame for parser display ops000112021-04-01Pending
format the code, monkey000112021-04-01Pending